10 Strategies to Make Knockout WordPress Content

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The year 2015 is a year dedicated to adaptive contents. It is also believed that today’s era is intended for free-verse, free-spirited content marketing; such where you can inject your personal experience with the topics you have in mind.

But can content strategy really work and make a difference? First and foremost, content strategy must be precise. You need to know which direction you are heading—you need to put everything into writing and make an action plan out of it.

In this article entry, you need to have some time off to ask yourself certain questions and then document every answer to it so you will know whether you are on the right track. May this 10 winning strategy to make knockout WordPress Content help you in your business endeavour.

content audience

1. Know your audience

Do you know who your users are? Have you identified and described them? To be specific about it, you should list down the possibilities. For example, a working mom, the lawyering community or the productive youth. You must be able to who all them are. Define who all of them are and instil simple and pretty things into their heads.

content competitor

2. Know your opponents

This does not only include your obvious competitors but likewise your target audience. Remember though that overcoming competition is just a few of the things you should be having on top of your mind. Be wary of the tools that will be used against you.

establish your strength

3. What makes you different?

Now that you know who your audience and competitors it is time that you belt out the things you can offer to them, what do you have for them on the table? Here, research will play a major role. You will be able to decipher how unique you are, how you are going to fit in the market as well as how you will be able to change in time. The latter is an important aspect as well as you will learn a lot of things this way.

content voices

4. Consider the voices

What exactly do you hear that others say about you? In a way or the other, this simply pertains on the perception of your audience or customers about your product or service. Usually, you can be able to find this in social networking sites and media outlets like Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter.

bank on your contents

5. Bank on your Contents

Make an assessment of the existing content on your website or blog—as well as your social media outlets. How far have you been in terms of your online marketing? Will you be able to determine on what road you have gone so far.

This is where content audit comes into the picture. This trend will ultimately determine the content type that will most benefit your business endeavour.

content purpose

6. Your Content Purpose

This is one of the important questions included in this article entry. What is the purpose of your contents? Is it for business so you can generate more income? Is it to establish authority and leads? Or is it to increase traffic? After assessment, you may be able to reformat your website page where a landing page specifically for guest posting is featured.

Also, an email newsletter will also help so you will be able to establish rapport with readers and ultimately make a connection with them. With this, you are able to impart your expertise and ideas on the particular product or service you are offering on the website.

Hence, it is important that you understand why you are creating all these contents and posts as well as the purpose of each and every piece.

content frequency

7. Frequency of Content Posting

This will depend on the time you have in creating every quality post you have on your site. So long as the content you publish allows you to generate awareness, income and traffic. Ultimately, what matters is not the frequency but the efficiency of your post to your audience—and of course the Internet.

content distribution

8. Content Distribution

You must have heard about this many times: “a content that is not shared is content that is ignored.” So if you think you have problem on this you must do another reassessment on what social media platform you will rely on anew. Make a study on where does your audience hangout? How will they be able to click on the share button? Also, it will help if you have any scheduling tools for this purpose.

content management

9. Content Management

By now, you must understand that you should be in charge of your contents. It should be you. After all it is your idea why you are doing this business after all. It is in your hands whether or not you will grow.

content production

10. Content Production

Remember that there is no unlimited in this industry. Everything is being limited not just by time, knowledge, ideas but likewise of your desires and wishes. This is human nature. In the event that you like to create something content-wise, who is going to conduct research or write the content? Who will design it? Will this people make any better or will they be available all the time?

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