An Information Guide on Dedicated Web Hosting

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dedicated web hosting
Have you ever wondered why dedicated web hosting is very popular in the market? If you consider its costs, the price range is usually $150 to $1000 monthly but does that heft cost even worth every penny?

Dedicated web hosting service is such where a single web server is being rented out by an individual customer through a hosting provider. In this kind of service, you are given two common options, these are virtual dedicated servers and the other is called as collocation.

virtual dedicated server vs colocation

Virtual Dedicated Servers vs Colocation

Virtual dedicated servers are simply the ones that shares web resources to computers and then to other customers of a hosting provider. In this particular plan, you do not have the luxury of having the entire computer for yourself.
Colocation, on the other hand, is a web hosting service that is likened to dedicated hosting. The only difference is that with co-locating web hosting the customer owns his computer web server. The provider, in this case, keeps the web server and sells the bandwidth from the computer to the customer.

ideal for business

Ideal for Business

Dedicated web hosting is usually rented out by a single customer. It is very ideal for businesses that are inclined to generate more traffic because the features of the website and the needed application for operations will fall under its precise control.

But wait there is more…

maintenance reliability

Maintenance Reliability

With dedicated web hosting, you can be able to handle all the maintenance concerns as well as that of security and even web server reliability. Since you are only renting the computer, you will not incur any hassle in maintaining the computer’s hardware or connectivity. Gone are the days when you need to trouble yourself about components or troubleshooting. In fact, some web hosting providers will offer assistance by way of compensating you. In case you will be reimbursed, the cost of your hosting package depends on how severe it shall encounter problems and failures. This is tolerable than paying component and technical support needed for component replacement—this and more while you are not online. Remember that at the end of it all what you pay are functional and workable hardware.

Imagine how you can manage all the resources inclined for your business if you will encounter maintenance issues.
As the price of administration and maintenance of rented web servers depend on what hosting provider you are using, you can have the option of choosing managed or unmanaged services.

managed web hosting

Managed Web Hosting

Do you think that you will be more at ease and confident in using the expertise imposed by web management on your server computer? You could go for that kind of dedicated hosting referred to as “managed hosting”. With this, you could have unlimited access to the control panel; the platform where you can perform the necessary tasks required by the right web server function through simple point and click interface. It is very user-friendly that you would not need any command lines or in-depth knowledge of operating system. You can setup, maintain and administer all your websites through this web server.

unmanaged web hosting

Unmanaged Web Hosting

Meanwhile, unmanaged hosting option is advised only to the extent of technical expertise in mastering web server as it offers your server’s root access. In turn, the offer totally completes the server administration hence the possibility of configuration on every web server service is high. Of course, a wrong move on this area would result in serious problem. This is one of the reasons why unmanaged dedicated hosting can be recommended for people with strong server admin or custom applications for web developers for website or custom environment.

computer stability

Computer Stability

A dedicated server simply means that computer stability will not be accessed to plague affecting the shared hosting service solutions. Imagine the burden it will be lessened on you on overcrowded applications and features that are unnecessary to some customers, or the programming errors which oftentimes make newbies go mad. Add to that the burden taken away by shared hosting applications.

Dedicated web hosting whether managed or unmanaged makes it convenient for you to offer instant support to customers. You cannot find this anywhere especially on shared hosting packages or you will be faced with technical support and delays on fees.

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