10 Web Hosting Timeline of Facts

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web hosting facts
Web hosting is a common buzz in every household these days. This may be brought by the emergence of online marketing and the fad in blogging. Another contribution for the said popularity would be the rise of mobile internet and technology. As much as a lot has been said about this innovation, a little information is still left with its early beginnings so much so are the start of some of the popular web hosting sites today. So, we have decided to share to you a glimpse of the past in 10 web hosting timeline facts.

before the 90s

1. Before the 90’s

Before this time, restrictions have been prevalent amongst companies as the internet was still starting up. Companies then had to purchase their personal hosting servers so they can store information online. Of course, there were entrepreneurs during this time who have recognized the trend and initiated renting out spaces, of their purchased servers, to companies that were either disinterested or too busy operating their own. This created a digital monopoly on the Internet hence it made possible for web hosting to come into the picture.

revenue expansion hosting

2. Revenue expansion

With web hosting’s official introduction in 1991, businesses embraced this chance to expand their revenues. Its success paved the way for a lot of people to entice the idea of establishing an online presence. Nowadays, web hosting is defined by the process of data storage of a website. It provides a huge amount of space to store information and to supply internet users with relentless possibilities. The scheme started as a lessor-lessee relationship whereby hosting companies lease an amount of network space for their clients.

factors that matter

3. Factors that Matter

A lot has been said about web hosting since its inception but the truth remains that in considering one a lot of factors must be considered. Web hosting services usually vary in functions, space, traffic, monthly budget and management.

embracing change

4. Embracing Change of the 21st Century

The internet is simply a venue for customers in the world to find the products or services they need. But the web has emerged in second. Perhaps this is because server spaces are widely available and continues to improve and troubleshoot every day. A single soul in the planet these days can set up and maintain as website without losing a lot of bucks.

2015 webhosting trend

5. Webhosting trend of 2015

Gone are the days when web hosting was still expensive. Small and large corporations alike can purchase spaces within their budget and choose the variety of features and functions for their business or personal needs. Millions of dollars are being invested by many just to get the most advanced web hosting service. For 17 years, the industry of web hosting continues to develop with the market demands as outlined by users.

make things better

6. The Making of Better Hosting

Bluehost is one of the hosting company services today that is making a lot of noise in the industry. It was founded back in 2003 with a goal to make better web hosting. It is an open source-based company which have grown into a cloud-based online company. Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting providers that continues to deliver a promising guarantee to people worldwide.

expert beck and call

7. Experts at Your Beck and Call

If there is one thing that sets apart InMotion Hosting from the rest, it is the team of web hosting experts who has been there ready to help their clientele. The associates have at least 4 years of industry experience and undergo extensive training to make every client experience the best and reliable customer service. Because of their dedication, InMotion Hosting is highly-recognized for its efforts in tech support. What is more, they offer a 90-day Money Back Guarantee scheme so you can be sure that you are dealing with a transparent and trustworthy company.

eco friendly web hosting

8. Eco-friendly Solutions

Ever heard of a web hosting service that is run by wind power energy? Well, you can find that at FatCow web hosting service. Besides offering you cool deals and enticing packages as well as inspiring plans for you to choose from. The company had its fresh start in 1998 in Albuquerque.

commitment to details

9. Commitment for Details

Cheap and reliable web hosting is a difficult tandem to look for but with JustHost you can be at a single place yet perfect place at once. This web hosting service prides itself with its commitment to customers in making sure that they have everything in place before making that grand decision.

webhosting coupon and deals

10. Coupons and Deals

With the emergence of technology and the hype of creating websites for business or for personal use, a lot of platforms have been created for savings and deals. There are a lot of coupon websites out there so you can indulge yourself with the best offerings there is today.

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