Best Web Hosting Facts – The Kind you Need

web hosting facts
It is a must that before you decide to purchase a web hosting plan the need to understand what it is about; both its advantages and disadvantages are the centre of your considerations. In this post, we would like for you to learn the different types of web hosting plans offered today. We made this entry as detailed as possible for you to have an in-depth view and guide of what web hosting really is in essence.

Majority of web hosting plans are categorized into the following: Shared, Reseller, VPS, Cloud and Dedicated.

shared hosting

1. Shared Hosting

Of all the five, Shared hosting is the affordable type. It can fuel enough fire especially to a lot of newbie out there. With this type, you are sharing server resources with other people on the other line or part of the world. You are combining both functionality and professionalism in web servers but paying just a quarter of the server costs.

virtual private server hosting

2. VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server or VPS exceeds the power offered to you by shared hosting. You will be able to experience an increase in performance without the pain the entire cost of dedicated servers. VPS is a perfect choice if you are looking for optimum security and having more navigation opportunity in a limited user environment where server resources place their demands.


3. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting offers you as the industry’s leading uptime that offers rapid scalability to keep you away from further worries. It offers you with access to a number of servers where you can have easy provision with your needed resources and a safe application against unruly neighbours. Cloud hosting is often partnered with hybrid services for optimum service reaction.


4. Dedicated Hosting

In addition, there is also dedicated hosting where you can do a lot of sharing with server resource. This offers you total, all-access to physical servers on top of that is a powerful and advanced script application that is not so complex at all. It is very useful when you are into server customization and total security.


5. Reseller Hosting

Finally, reseller hosting is the one for you should you want to sell your hosting while someone is maintaining your network option. With this, you are given the chance to buy servers spaces in huge amount and then resell the access under a single brand. This one’s intended for advanced web hosting type so you can provide customers with really impressive tech support.

Popular Web Hosting Specialities is yet another thing that you must understand in this world and industry of web hosting service.

wordpress hosting

1. WordPress Hosting

We cannot end this post without featuring WordPress hosting. This one’s launched sometime in 2003 as a platform for blogging and since then it has grown as a significant content management that powers a lot of website today. With WordPress hosting, you can spend minimum time managing and configuring your website, which means you will have more time setting up and building it.

java hosting

2. Java Hosting

Aside from WordPress hosting, there is also the Java hosting. This one’s released back in 1995 which is based from a veteran programming language for websites and applications. This server-side application is of heavy use in the event you like to use one with features that is Java-powered so you can choose a Java-enable plan.

php hosting

3. PHP Hosting

In addition is PHP hosting which is supported by a lot of hosting providers today. It is easy to apply and boast a huge community of developers. This one has a core feature called the PHP Hypertext Preprocessor that has a lot of hosting plans to boot. With this, you can power-up popular applications including Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. PHP allows you unlimited options and possibilities.

joomla hosting

4. Joomla Hosting

To finish the list, there is Joomla hosting. This one is flexible as a content management system as well as a web application framework which allows you to organize a complex and wide content database. Joomla has been known for website building and as an application.

At this point, you also need to choose whether or not it will be Linux or Windows. Now let us take a quick look at both.

Linux is considered as one of the world’s most common hosting gateway. Its servers are a unique choice for a number of applications and websites. It is the best choice that can be a perfect fit for any programming language or application nowadays.

Meanwhile, Windows is a Microsoft-powered hosting platform. It is the best solution for your Windows applications, programming languages and databases while at the same time allowing you optimum flexibility to use the likes of PHP.

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