5 Differences of Professional Writer and Content Marketer

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professional writer vs content marketer
The writing profession is one of the most respectable professions we have today. With this, writers are regarded with high respect by a lot of people. They are even loved and some of their works are being patronized by millions around the world. To name a few of them are J.K. Rowling, Nicolas Sparks, Sophie Kinsella and Mitch Alboom.

Now here is an interesting point to note. With the diversity of writers these days, and the emergence of online marketing, a sudden difference between professional writers and content marketers has existed.

But before we go further to the purpose why this article is written, let us first know what content marketing is. Content marketing is the systematic creation of imagery, texts or audio-video which has relevance to customer needs and for money-making.

Good content entails exceptional writing style and technique. But the strategic elements and structural difference lies in the mode of marketing—the reason why they are paid for.

Here are certain elements that make content marketing articles different from an excellent write-up but lacking business value. Take a quick view of the 5 Differences of Professional Writer and Content Marketer.

capture audience attention

1. Captures Audience Attention

There are different types of audience. It includes those who are not even in the market for what the company has to offer but can make some noise about the content. There are audiences that don’t get captured by poor commercials or copycat contents. They need something to move them. If the content is not effective, the audience will move away. Remember that there are a lot of distractions out there.

This is where creativity and artistry comes into the picture. If you want to upgrade your writing to the next level, try to make an emotional connection just like when Shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe used to do with their poetry and prose. By doing this, you are not only capturing their attention but you are making the topic less boring. Adding some humor and twists, especially on technical topic i.e. medicine and law, can make it more appealing to your target audience.

gain trust

2. Gaining Trust

This perhaps is one of the things that most content marketers are not aware of. You have to gain—and earn—the audience’s trust every day.

Between clients and employers, it is rarely the latter that shed a glint of desire for this. Oftentimes, they regard their selves and their product or service as perfect. As a professional content marketer, it is your task for them to realize that there are certain gray areas on that matter. Not everyone could live up to the same passion as they do for their business.

In the event that your content is not hitting your goal, your efforts might not be enough. More work is needed to be exerted. In this case, it will help if you make your write-ups snappier and catchy. It would also help if you re-angle it or seek another voice or tone for the audience’s sake.

How will you know if you are already on track? If more audiences are getting hooked by it or your content has gone viral or by the number of persons who keeps on sharing it.

structure and formula

3. Structure and Formula

This third criterion is a must for all but the most difficult to establish on the article. Oftentimes, this is where the problem lies. Nevertheless, it is your job to do. Or, else…

Putting together a write-up based on this is like having a spark on the article itself. And, in order for you to find one, you should start with the company. Perhaps some of your big bosses has a thing or two for passion or cares enough for the company to show you where to find that spark. The person you are looking for may also be the simple guy in the sales department.

In the event you cannot find any of those persons, it will be hard but you need to get another company! Surely, this is worth your time. Trust us. Companies who cannot find that spark are no fun to be with. What is more, statistics tell us that they do not last long.

Writers for companies are supposed to be insiders of your business. You are the scribe. It is your role to be their voice and company’s passions, beliefs, etc. This is a serious job and one that you must start taking seriously too. You must be hands-on on everything. Take your curiosity to the next level and unravel everything on your material.

nutshell for effectiveness

4. Nutshell for Effectiveness

Writing is not for the lacklustre or the good guesser. In this profession, proven structures are best to rely on. So here are good points for effective content for you:

• Headlines commands reader’s attention.
• Pull audience with sharp and focused lead.
• Magazine-type contents help in giving solutions.
• A “call to action” type of content is good.
• Audience-engaging type of article to illustrate points.
• A well-crafted content for taking the next step.

conveying youre the best

5. Conveying You’re the Best

Perhaps now you may have realized that you have all the 4 elements of a good content writer. But you are not there—just yet. Conveying that you are the best is extremely important. This way you know how your readers think about your writing. Was it helpful? Was it effective?

Positioning yourself as the best will help you and your bills for the future. You need to market yourself as the best and smart solution. You need to treat yourself as the most important person in your client’s life. This is not so natural for most of us but things these days can be learned.

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