6 Proven Advices for Writer’s Block

writers block advices
A writer’s block is a common “demon” when you are in a writing-related job. However, behind it is another source that represents such condition that most writers are afraid to admit. And, if not cured (and not realized) eventually, this will keep you from your ideas and creative juices.

We are referring to “fear”.

Fear is that intangible feeling that affects all of us. It is hard to admit but yet fear is especially insidious amongst writers. Online writing is one of the things where you put yourself to someone else’s shoes, and bashers or critics are awaiting your every mistake. But the idea of fear in failing at something is not the only things you fear about as a writer.

1. It’s all in the subconscious

Fear is just in the subconscious and sometimes it manifests in some other form like procrastination and the so-called writer’s block. It is that explanation when we keep on putting off something that we want to write about: a novel, book, blog, research paper article, etc.

In all simplicity, this occurrence is a waste of time and something we would regret in the future. If you let it settle in your system, it is that which holds you from growing as the best. And what’s more, you will be pushing yourself in a different direction and would change the game.

The cure to your problem of fear is simple. DO NOT ALLOW IT FROM STOPPING YOU. So in this blog entry you will be given 6 proven advices to counter writer’s block.
writers block subconscious

2. Failure: The Barrier to Success

Studies have it that fear of failing at something is the topmost reason that prevents you from your success. Fear of failure is generated from certain tasks that you separate yourself from hence your confidence will be at risk whenever you push yourself to do something. Fear of Failure is also Fear of Humiliation and in order to counter this fear, you must start at admitting that you have failed. Then you make yourself realize that you have become better after experiencing such failure. Of course, once you recognize this you are already a step closer to your success.
writers block success

3. Success and its Unexpected Changes

You may not realize this but you also fear success and the underlying perks that go with it. Change. We fear the change that goes with it.

The truth is you are afraid to admit that you do not deserve the success you are getting or that it will bring renewed expectations that you would not be able to exceed or meet. You have this concept of resentfulness or jealousy when the idea of success would overwhelm us. In simple words, the fear comes from within and it is these thoughts which keep us from succeeding.

The cure for you when this happen is to think about this: you harvest the fruits of your labor. Therefore you deserve everything that comes with it.
unexpected changes

4. Rejection: The most overt of all

“Your work is not good enough,” said that invisible voice in your head. Hence, you tend to drown yourself in alcohol (and drugs) to forget the pain of being rejected. The cure however to this is to simply not to anything. That simple but if you would like a fulfilling life filled with possibilities you must remember that cliché: you cannot please everyone but please only those which matters—your audience.

Practice makes perfect as what another saying goes; applying it to writing you must treat is an exercise. Working hard to your goals would help you a lot.
writer's block rejection

5. Mediocrity vis-à-vis Perfectionism

What you do not know is that your attitude towards perfection is that which prevents you from resolving something. With this, you tend to manifest mediocrity with such perfection. We tend to fail at things when you follow this particular approach.

At the end of the day, you must remember that nobody is perfect and that action will beat any inaction at anytime. Also, you must accomplish something than accomplish nothing.

6. Risk: Being Safe than Sorry

All of us have this concept of being in our comfort zone. The same is true in writing. But this will tend to make your dream go with the wind. So being too risky and adventurous at times is contrary to what our nature tells us. As humans, you are designed to think about safety, consistency and familiarity. That is human nature. So, to overcome this, think about: taking risk breeds confidence. And in case of doubt, just jump and take that leap of faith!
safe than sorry

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