Success in Search Engine Marketing – 7 Potential Paths for You

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sem success
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an industry that has been thriving for 15 years and since then has offered solid career potentials for a lot of people. SEM has welcomed a lot of individuals from different fields—not necessarily holders of marketing degrees. In fact, a lot of search engine marketers these days have majored in Journalism, Architecture, Engineering, Law, Film, English, Medicine, etc.

A career in SEM has been shown to be fairly clear career path. Now have you thought about your career direction in this industry? What is your 10-year plan? In this article, we will be listing down 7 potential paths for you to achieve success in search engine marketing.

1. Become a practitioner

The satisfaction of being a SEM practitioner should fit your personality. In order to thrive in this industry, you must already find that sense of contentment with your present career field. These people maybe engaged in different roles and companies from time to time but it is just it. There is only a change in background or scenery but never in the job description. Whether paid or organic SEM optimization, a practitioner continue to be challenge and become more creative so there is no reason to think critical when you are a marketer.
search engine marketing practitioner

2. Become a manager

If you are good at what you do chances are you will standout and be trusted with management. This is a chance to improve your potentials and of course earning a great deal of money. Of course, this comes in two ways: you earn big but the responsibility and expectations are sky-high. Hence, are you the type who gets easily frustrated or are you the type which fit perfectly in handling people and be accountable for them?
search engine marketing manager

3. Be Open. Be Granular.

SEM adapts to the change in time, hence you must expect to move into diverse channels from time to time. There is an increased exposure here which may lead you to explore search other marketers’ style to collaborate with yours. Of course, starting small here is not a problem. In fact, a lot of successful SEMers these days start at that position. What is key is focus on what you do and an open mindset and you will see that you are already a step closer to your dreams.
sem granular

4. Be Interested in Niche Roles

SEM is a billion dollar industry which offers opportunity for those who are not doing any Search Engine Marketing endeavor. Innumerable job niches are available in this particular industry. For instance, you can find career opportunities in search association, industry analysis for financial and research firms, recruiters and human resource, and search conference.
sem niche

5. Start a Company

It is an SEMer’s dream to own their own business. In this particular industry, the sky is the limit. You can dream as big as that or begin small with the goal in mind of starting your own later. Successful SEMers like Rich Stokes and Ajay Pattani has that in mind—look at what they have become!
sem company

6. Join the ‘Other’ Side

You have the option of joining the engine or vendor side because there is essential potential for practitioners in this field. But remember it is not important to have a many years of experience to be successful.
sem other side

7. Leave SEM

You can also think of other career paths to improve your potential. Perhaps this phase is just a stepping stone for you to think of what really matters to you careerwise. You can travel the world and still be happy. It is seldom that you meet people in this industry who curse the discipline of SEM, only that they hate such aspect of long hours, the fairly stable path or the fact that the job is not aligned to what is the acceptable job description. Whatever your decision is, what matters is that you are happy with what you do.
sem other career path

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