7 Must-Have Habits for WordPress Users to Stay in the Game

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Let’s see you are new to WordPress and you have just set-up your personal blog or an enterprising website. Now what’s next you ask yourself?
This is a common scenario for first-time WordPress users—not only you. This happens all the time, we must tell you this. But here’s the thing: if you want to make it big in this business you must possess certain qualities and maintain them overtime. Of course, it is already given that you must have a competitive content or an engaging service or product to offer, however beyond that you as the owner/retailer must pull yourself together and hurdle the competitive environment of online marketing.

So, we have come up with the top 7 of all the habits you must possess as a publisher and user of WordPress. Read through to understand what are these 7 must-have habits of WordPress users.

1.Take Control, Keep an Open Mind

You must know by now that WordPress is a total user-friendly platform which allows novice and experts alike to become at their best when it comes to web design and management. The only requirement for you here is to be as inventive as possible and experimental. Whether you are currently using a free website or a paid one, chances are you have encountered the enormous number of themes and plugins to help you execute the web project you have in mind. If you find a particular tool difficult, be resourceful enough to search a tutorial online so you can learn it yourself. Yes, it may be difficult at first but as soon as you have started already and little by little realize how cool things are going to be you just have to keep moving on until it is done. And you’ll see. Take control. Be proactive and keep an open mind all throughout the process!

2.Have a Plan and Set Goals

It is advisable that once you have started building your website or blog to have a long-term plan or goal. This way you can assess which road you are going to take. Perhaps you can start on what you would like to accomplish after launching the website? Is it for money-generation? An extension of your career or business? Or a simple hobby outlet or journal for your what-nots. You know that this is an endless list. The possibilities are unlimited now that you have embarked on this endeavour. Mind you, the web is one vast universe if you ask us. So just start with that: what must I do next? From there you can figure out what will be your next move. It is that one question you must decipher first before anything else.

3.Strategize and Prioritize

Now that you have taken control and figured your goals it is time for execution—where the creative process begins. For instance, you are planning to start a photography website or blog. So you might as well consider presenting a big, high-resolution collage or montage of your best photos. In this regard, you must choose the frequency of changing your pictures to make it more appealing and fresh. On top of that, the interval of changing it matters as well. You, for one, know that we do not want to appear proud to an audience right? So things like that matters—and takes a lot of time for decision-making.

4.Give and Take

Perhaps this is the one of the interesting lessons one may learn all throughout the process of building a WordPress site. In the online world, good deeds also work. Hence, if you want to receive you must also learn to give. Like say, when you start on linking to other established sites first, then emailing them (the owner or developer) for their impressive post without giving them any hint who and what you are, you will be surprised how those people become receptive towards you—and your links afterwards. So it is a two-way street here. You promote theirs and they will promote yours. Win-win, right? We can be also referring to your active contribution to the online community. For example, someone gave a comment on your website, and you responded to it by giving them additional information or some tips. The effect will be two-way as well. You will be surprise thereafter how people will get encourage to comment on your post as well. This works for WordPress as well. For instance, there are amazing plugins available on a price or free which brings great value to its users. Here, you can donate to the developer of that plugin, connect to them and make a public appreciation for their contribution so they will know what makes WordPress the best!

5.Customer-driven mindset

When you are in this business, “listening” is very important. Some notable online marketers even suggest that to be a success, you need to build an audience first before building a business. This will help you assess what direction your business is heading. This is still true even if you are not selling anything as in this case your content is your product. By knowing who your audience are—what they want and need—you can build content that offers great design and value that complements them. When you are using WordPress, content and design are already covered, now it is up to you how you will focus on the customer.

6.Conquering competition

WordPress allows not just proactivity but also learning but this does not mean that you are alone in this endeavour. For instance, you would like to start high-powered website with high grade security. Generic hosting in this regard is a no-no. If you have skills in maintaining a premium hosting where you can manage your very own VPS then that is the right one for you. It is all up to you as regards what you think will be best for your business. That is how you will conquer your competition. Of course, there are tutorials available for you to check but remember how it can be a waste to scan on those things when you can spend that time on something else. This is true in cases of SEO, design and the concept of landing pages. So don’t fret and be confident—be smart and everything will be alright.

7.Improve Strategies and Take New Knowledge

WordPress is changing; day in and day out hence, as an owner or publisher you must be abreast with those developments. For instance, in the case of WordPress updates. Each new update comes with enhanced features that you must be aware of. There are new ideas offered which can improve your own website.

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