7 Techniques to Maintain Content Authority and Boost Online Influence

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Your blog or website has been fully launched and operative. You have tons of content written on it. You are happy on how things are going insofar as your leads are concerned. Your audience reach is growing on a steady phase. Things are getting better thanks to the impression you left to your audience that made them stay and appreciate your contents. However, you realized at some point that new ideas are slowing down and enthusiasm towards your contents is cooling down. At this point, you are apprehensive on sustaining your driving force while maintaining authority and audience influence. And, mind you, this one’s a significant concern you must solve ASAP!

1. Solid Reputation

Experts have it that proofs of credibility and authority decreases when you have already established yourself online. Truth is the more people who think that you are legit and trustworthy, the less demandability they give on the contents you share on your website. Solid reputation is the key here. However, for you to keep that extent and degree of influence, you need to adjust your content strategy so you can reflect on new audience expectations.
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2. Audience Content Assessment

How does your audience find your content? Perhaps you think you already know the answer to this but don’t just ignore it. Dig and open your Google Analytics to see the data. Generally, search engine traffic contributes to your authority. Google is the foremost source for this. But don’t just stop there. Continue your search and you might unfold that there are other factors that contribute to your leverage.

Aside from search engines, social media is an expanding source of your traffic. But do you know which social networking site you excel best? Remember to be sure which of your links are being shared on these platform and those personally shared by your audience.

There is also such thing as branded traffic where traffic is generated from people who directly type your URL. This in particular means that you have persuaded and captured their attention. It is equally important as it allows you to identify certain individuals who like and share your content. Hence, you must focus on them.

Finally, traffic is sourced from other websites that boost your traffic. Such may be from websites where you conduct your guest posting or from that article syndication website. If your traffic is coming from this particular source, you need to generate more topic content of that sort.
technique audience assessment

3. Fix the Old and the Broken

There are a lot of reasons why you must not ignore the old and broken—as well as neglected—pages of your blog or website. For one, updating would keep your content site fresh and new. It enhances user interaction and experience. So what must you do with this particular content? Well, you actually have 4 options to choose from: one, leave it alone; two, redirect; three, delete; and four, improve.
fix broken articles

4. Elaborate on Offering

With this, you can be able to know how your audience are taking action. Of course, this depends on the business development stage you are in. For instance, there are bloggers who at early months did nothing but bank on contents. Thereafter, they publish ebooks and then a mix of newsletters until they offer their first product. By this time, they already have a complex plethora of offerings for their audience.

Perhaps you may not have made such realizations yet on your offerings but you must understand by now what makes your audience engage on your site. Take time on how they interact on your website and how they are using content or product.
technique offerings

5. Fish for comments and questions

What are the most common queries and thoughts that your audience have on your blog or website? Find out what it is through your site’s forum area. Look at the most common among them and track them using an Excel spreadsheet. In this technique you want to know these two basic things: one, confirmation that your prior content presumption was relevant to their problems and two, evidence of assumptions shifted over the problem. With this, you are given the opportunity to foresee the needs and improve new content that continues to develop audience authority.
comment and question fishing

6. Emerging content trends

A futuristic approach towards your contents is a great idea. This is the reason why you have to stay on top of your relevant industry publications and trend keying. Take note of what industry experts has to say on their forecasts and predictions.

As you learn to establish authority on these emerging trends, you too are establishing your authority in the mainstream. What’s more, there is nothing accurate to these as these are based on predictions. The chances of failing it come maybe true or not.
emerging trends

7. Don’t rest on your laurels

Remember that it is a long game after all. You might be please with the results you have today but don’t rest on it. You have not gone this far if it was easy from the start—and you will not go beyond your present status if you will not push harder on your potentials.

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