Adding WordPress Widgets

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WordPress widgets are used to display the sidebar. You can add different tools to your sidebar. For example, you can show a text widget at the top, then put your RSS widget below it and finally your categories at the bottom. It also gives you’re the ability to show the hierarchy of the menus to display. To add new items to your sidebar, you just have to drag the widget your want to your right column.

wordpress widgets

Installing Additional Plugins

If you want more features to your sidebar, for instance you want a newsletter for your sidebar, you can go to the WordPress plugins page to search for it. If the plugins is for widgets, it will say that it is widget ready. This means that it will show up in your available widgets once you have successfully activated it. After that you can easily add in to your widget. Cool isn’t it?

For the steps to install plugin, visit my Installing Plugins tutorial.

More About Text Widget

All the widgets are quite straightforward, one widget I like to use is the Text widget. It allows you to add text and even html code. So if you want to add in an image to your sidebar, you can use this code:

<img src="">

Or if you want to have an image link you can use this code:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

Be sure to upload your image to your created images folder in public_html using FTP before you try this.

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