Setting up WordPress Menus

WordPress menus are mainly used for the navigation but it is also possible to use it to customize footer. It is something new in WordPress 3.0 which gives you the ability to control what to show for your navigation. Previously WordPress version just display all your pages in the navigation menu. But if you select a WordPress theme that supports WordPress 3.0 menu, you’re in lucks. You can have total control over your menu. Any page, categories, posts or even custom url can be placed in the menu. If your theme doesn’t support WordPress 3.0 menu, changing the menu won’t show the changes.  So if your menu doesn’t work, most probably the WordPress theme doesn’t support it.

How to Customize Your Menu

  1. Go to Appearance > Menus
  2. Enter a Menu Name and click “Create Menu” button
  3. Find the Pages window and it will show all your pages.
  4. Tick the pages you want to show in the menu and click Add to Menu
    wordpress menu
  5. Drag and move each page in the menu to change the hierarchy of the menu items
    wordpress menu

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