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Finding the right web hosting services is one of the key tools to make your wordpress website visible on the World Wide Web. You will need to have PHP and a linux server to install your wordpress site.

WordPress is one of the easiest and the most in-demand publishing platform; there are many companies who offer special web hosting services for WordPress sites. Most of the sites built today are powered by WordPress that is why most of the web hosting companies is focusing in giving services for WordPress to cater all the needs of internet marketers.

Don’t just go for the cheapest prices, instead look for servers with good uptime. Good uptime is a measurement of the time the server is working and running. Also pick a hosting company that let’s you to upgrade as your website traffic goes. If you are looking for the best and the most subscribed web hosting services, here are the top and the best web hosting companies that most users use that can help you get the services you need for your sites.

1. WP Engine (Professional WordPress Host)


WP Engine is probably the top web hosting company for WordPress sites. This company is focused in providing solutions and services for WordPress sites alone. Their servers are professionally configured to run WordPress sites at top performances. What makes WP Engine different from other web hosting companies is its ability to load lightning fast and its super reliable services. With faster speed and shorter loading times, your users are going to stick on your website longer and increase the chances of buying from you site. Unlike other web hosting companies, WP Engine is quite expensive but everything is highly guaranteed to suit your needs.

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2. HostGator (Cheap Realiable WordPress Hosting)


It you are looking for a budget hosting solution, Hostgator is the best second choice you can get. Hostgator is among one of the most loved web hosting company, it provides quality services for million subscribers with over a thousand employees that works altogether in providing a business solution for everyone when it comes to web hosting. Uptimes are very good and the server seldom goes down. Hostgator also has very low pricing plans for web hosting services; choose between hatchling, baby or business plans. The pricing plans are very flexible that everyone can afford whether it’s for personal or business web hosting services. Along with your purchase, there are many freebies available with each hosting plan like SiteBuilder and SiteStudio website building tools, website templates and more. If you need any help Live Chat is there to help you.

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Bluehost (Good Budget WordPress Hosting)


Bluehost is a trusted company when it comes to web hosting. It is also a direct competitor with Hostgator. The company aims to provide services in all types of websites who wishes to avail power-packed tools and functionalities for their businesses, whether it’s a small or huge type of sites. Bluehost is one of the leading web hosting companies who provides quality web hosting services and have hosted almost a million subscribers. Bluehost is known for its outstanding support, speed and flexibility when it comes to web hosting.

You can avail professional web hosting services for as low as $4.95 a month. You can get all the necessary tools for your websites at a very low cost like unlimited domain hosting, hosting space, file transfer, email accounts and lots of freebies too like free domain, site building tools with ready templates and a whole lot more. Bluehost is one of the recommended web hosting companies for WordPress sites too since 2005 up to this very moment. You will get all your needs when it comes to web hosting with the help of Bluehost and team behind this company is ready and very much willing to help you out in your business venture.

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