Best WordPress Amazon Plugins

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best wordpress amazon plugins

One of the main reasons why everyone wants to be in the online business is because of its way to make tremendous amount of money. If you are familiar with and what it does in the online business, for sure you are also familiar of how much money it generates each day. Everyone can also earn money by becoming an Amazon affiliate, to be able to do that you will need to have a website of your own and of course Amazon wordpress plugins for your online business venture. Here is a list of the best Amazon WordPress plugins that might help you to earn additional income online. Feel free to choose which one you want to use for your website.

ReviewAzon Pro 2.0

ReviewAzon Pro 2.0

ReviewAzon Pro 2.0 is one of the top Amazon WordPress plugin available in the market today as it comes packed with countless features to help you run your Amazon affiliate sites without a hassle. This plugin is timely updated to work with latest versions of WordPress and other third party plugins. With the use of ReviewAzon Pro 2.0, you can build sites faster and your ecommerce site will be up and running in seconds. You can set up your site in the most desirable way you want, you can post products into different categories and display hundreds of products all at once with ease. If your site is setting up a price range limit in selling products, ReviewAzon Pro 2.0 is a perfect plugin for you since it has a feature where you can set up the price limits for your product lists, your customers can only view the products set according to the price range of your choice and filter the rest of the products that are out of your price range. You may also add your own review for each product you add into your site, setting up the review with the product image, ratings, customer’s feedback and other product info is easy, you may customize sizes of product images, alignment of image and display your products in the nicest way possible. You can manually add everything or auto-posts your product listings.

As for the installation, this plugin can be downloaded and installed instantly upon purchase, you can use it with your new site or update your existing sites with this plugin. Do not forget to deactivate the previous ReviewAzon version or any other plugins before installing ReviewAzon Pro 2.0, follow the installation guide to minimize errors while installing and review the third party plugins that works with this new version. Updating your site with this plugin is very easy, step by step instructions is provided along with your purchase, you may also visit their 24/7 member support to help you with the installation and other features. This plugin has everything you need to run your Amazon affiliate site, you can add keywords instantly, add product listings, Amazon shopping cart integration, embed Amazon customer reviews in pages and posts, affiliate click track reporting, Youtube video review integration and so much more. Earning commissions from Amazon is never been this easy with the use of this plugin.

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 WPZon Builder

wpzon builder

WPZon Builder is designed to create a complete affiliate site for product of which also offers so many features to make your site a solid ecommerce site. Using this plugin you can create an ecommerce website in just 10 minutes of customization. This plugin is perfect for newbie, as it is very easy to install and manage, all features are lay down as basic to make sure that everyone can handle this plugin with step by step instructions on how to create your own Amazon affiliate site. Make sure to read and understand the user’s manual before installing, if you have downloaded an encrypted version of the plugin, you can request from the author for an unencrypted one or just download a web server support that works with this plugin to run the installation smoothly. There are pre-made templates available for you if you want an instant site though most of the premade templates looks relatively the same, it can be customized to turn your site as unique as possible, there are video tutorials available for you as well in customizing your chosen template.

WPZon Builder offers many ways for you to earn and every way is perfect and can be done by anyone. All you have to do is find the best way for you to maximize the use of this plugin, you can create any site of your choice that would help you earn commissions by integrating your site with products of Amazon, you may create an affiliate sites, product review sites (it could be video review or written review), specific product niche stores for any specific products that you want to showcase and a whole lot more options. With this plugin you can earn commissions directly from Amazon and add Amazon products to your newly created sites or to your existing sites. Adding products to existing sites can be done in many ways as well, you can either add full product post into your site with images, descriptions, ratings and other stuff or just add it somewhere in your site in a shorten version and let your readers explore into the ads posted. One advantage of this plugin is it can be use even to non-wordpress sites and easily add product listings to any website of your choice. WPZon Builder is a money making plugin that can help you in many ways, you just have to fully understand how this plugin works.

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 WP Robot


WP Robot is a great auto-blogging solution for WordPress marketers; this plugin is packed with different features to help you post any type of contents of your choice into your site including Amazon products. By integrating Amazon products to your site, you can earn commissions and WP Robot is a helpful tool for this process to be done quickly with ease. WP Robot is known to be a friendly partner of WordPress blogs, since it offers other services too like post eBay products, youtube videos, clickbank ads and so many other features to be posted into your site in an instant. You can purchase this plugin in a package that would be affordable for you. There are 3 packages available for this plugin, the WP Robot Basic, Advanced and Elite packages (Basic package – free, Advanced package – 15$, Elite package – 30$). You can also purchase any modules of your choice or purchase the full version package of WP Robot that will cost 169$ only which includes 22 modules and all other features.

This plugin is very easy to manage as it can target blog posts in any choice of topic you want and can be posted randomly without a hassle. There are quite many options in randomization and customization with tooltips that will teach you exactly what to do for each buttons and everything is in a tip of your fingertips. One advance feature of this plugin is it can also translate and rewrite articles to make it unique for your site before posting it with the help of and, writing contents for your site is never been this easy. You may refer to the WP Robot support forum for tutorials on how this plugin works. WP Robot is one way for you to save time in maintaining your site, helps you get more visitors and helps you earn money, 3-way advantage in one single purchase.

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phpZon Pro

phpzon pro

phpZon Pro is an Amazon WordPress plugin design to add Amazon products into your site as accurate as possible to help shoppers find what they are looking for as easy as possible as well. This plugin helps you target keywords using its Amazon Advertising API (Application Programming Interface) and lets you easily create a store area for your website. You can create the most accurate search results for product listings into your site and sort any products which you don’t want to be displayed. This plugin can be a perfect Amazon WordPress plugin for beginners; you can easily set up the features by clicking buttons and does not require too much customization. It has a tracking id and jQuery tab support for ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) products that can help you track the availability of each product you display. You can display products in snip view or full featured view with images, descriptions, manufacturers, reviews, ratings and other product information. You can also customize the sizes of your images and the alignment of your products where you want them to appear into your site to create a unique and classy affiliate store environment.

This plugin is the answer for many customers who are requesting for a plugin that would match up to phpBay plugin which integrate eBay products. As a result of a massive improvement, phpZon Pro has been release to integrate Amazon products and have been doing a great job in the market too like phpBay. This plugin is SEO optimized; you will not have any problem how to market your store to attract customers. phpZon Pro is a perfect provider of quality impulse buying for your online customers and start earning with your affiliate marketing sites in no time.

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ShopperPress is widely known over the online world of marketers to be one of the top plug-ins in building a powerful ecommerce site since it offers both convenience and code-free process. This plug-in allows you to create numerous types of sites; you can create an affiliate site, online stores, download stores and catalog sites in one single purchase. One way to maximize the use of this plug-in is its ability to integrate Amazon products to your site without a hassle. Thousands of entrepreneurs are hooked up to this plug-in because it provides you all the features in creating your own Amazon affiliate sites. By integrating thousands of Amazon products to your site, you will get an instant commission for every item sold while you are also selling your own products. This plugin has advanced features that can help you run an ecommerce site of your choice in an instant and import products from different merchants like Amazon. Every time you will purchase a copy of this plug-in, it also includes Amazon, eBay and CSV import tools.

ShopperPress also offers a quick and easy installation and provides 24/7 support for their customers. There are quite many features that this plug-in can offer you, one of the best features of this plugin is it offers many payment gateway options for your shopping spree, you can purchase any product of your choice using Paypal, Worldpay, Paypal Payments Pro, eWay, Alertpay, Money Bookers and many more options to choose from. ShopperPress also comes with 20+ built-in store designs for free to help you create the most unique affiliate site or store of your choice and everything is fully customizable. ShopperPress is definitely one of the best WordPress shopping cart plug-ins for your site which has no programming skills required, all you have to do is purchase a copy and earn from your online stores.

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Datafeedr is a plugin that can help you earn revenues from your affiliate sites without touching any codes. This plugin is an affiliate marketing revolution that fits for newbie, intermediate and advanced marketers. This is the best solution for people who are looking for a way to earn more with their online business. With the help of Datafeedr’s amazing features, everything is beyond your reach and possible. The system can help you in running your affiliate site in the easiest way and the folks behind Datafeedr will do all the hard stuff for you while you are focus in promoting your site. Datafeedr supports numerous networks and merchants including Amazon, you can have any products you wish to display in your site and disregard which you don’t want. This plugin has a save search feature that lets you search the specific products you want for your site and save it, whenever a new product is available that belongs to the search you have subscribe, it will automatically update and display the rest of the products that you want. You can assure that all of the products are new and available with the help of automatic updates. You can easily filter products from different merchants and every product will be displayed according to your own choice as well. One of the best features of this plugin is its price comparison set feature that lets you compare prices of the same products from different merchants. By displaying price comparison set, you will catch the attention of your visitors and let them see which product has a lower price to help them save a lot while shopping.

Lack of knowledge about programming is not a problem at all with this plugin and its features but if you are really that expert with codes, you may also customize your site in their easy coding interface which allows you to customize your site using HTML codes. Everything is possible with Datafeedr, all you have to do is purchase a copy and you will earn from your affiliate site.

If you like to find out more about Datafeedr, read my Datafeedr review for a demo and list of features.

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