Create Your WordPress Pages

Creating a WordPress page is very simple. I will show you how to do that in this tutorial by doing a sample “About Us” page for your company website. This tutorial will teach you how to make sub headings and insert your company logo. So let’s get started.

  1. Go to Pages > Add New
  2. Change title to About Us
  3. Type in your about us introduction
  4. To create a sub heading, go to the formatting icon and click show kitchen sink icon.
  5. Highlight your text and select Heading 2wordpress page heading
  6. Insert a company logo by clicking the picture icon
    Wordpress page picture
  7. Browse for your logo image in your computer and upload it
  8. Select “Right” for alignment and “Insert into Post”
    Wordpress add image
  9. Now we will add in a link to go to contact page at the last line. Highlight your email us text and click the link icon to insert our contact page url
    wordpress page link
  10. Finally click Publish button on the right and you page is live

Refresh your page and check. If it doesn’t show up in the navigation, it might be due to that your theme supports WordPress 3.0 menu. You will have to insert the page into the menu to show it. See tutorial Setting up WordPress Menus to learn how to setup your WordPress Menu.

wordpress page final

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