Write Your First WordPress Post

Creating a post is very similar to a page except for some slight differences. You will need to categorize it and add a more tag to mark the opening paragraph as excerpt. This tutorial will show you how to make a typical post.

  1. Go to Posts > Add New
  2. Enter your title
  3. Copy and past your article into the description
  4. Create sub headings if needed
  5. Insert your main image
  6. To bold, italic certain phrases, you can choose the buttons in the toolbar
  7. Insert a picture at the top of the post (Refer to our previous tutorial if you have forgotten how to upload a picture)
  8. Go to the right column and click “Add a category”. Enter your category “Growing Plants”
    Wordpress add category
  9. Add a “more” tag after your opening paragraph to mark the opening paragraph as excerpt
  10. Publish it.

As you can see now your homepage automatically shows your post on the home page. It also shows your published date automatically. As you have marked the picture and first paragraph before the “more“ tag. The rest of the content below the “more” tag is hidden.
wordpress orchid

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