The 5 People You Will Likely Meet While Online Marketing

Do you know what it takes to grow your network? Do you have the timeframe until your current audience become huge?

All of us would love the idea of having a vast number of readers and subscribers at our disposal. Not soon but now! Many of us would even gamble for a time machine just to see the future of having enormous audience at our disposal.

If you are a newbie, there are things you need to take advantage of. By starting things fresh, you can be able to build a foundation so that when you become big and busy you have a basis for your succeeding decisions.


1. Take advantage of the ‘explorers’

Have you kept track on how many times “explorers” visit your blog? Or do you know what “explorers” are? To start off, these people are those readers and listeners who tend to show up when something fresh come up in your blog. They are curious and intrigued by “what’s hot.” They are very chatty as well and generate response right away. These people could bring you unparalled responsiveness that is, by the way, needed by all online platforms.

At first, engaging yourself with these “explorer” is very easy—very interactive since we always begin with a small audience share. In just a matter of days, you can respond and make a comment to every query they have.

The challenge however arise when your network ultimately become huge. There will come a time when you will reach a point where you can no longer accommodate answering every comment or email in a day.

Well, the key to maintain that degree of responsiveness in your network is to manage them. Create an email list where you can keep track of all the people who connect with your blog or website. Make sure too that people will sign up for that email list and that all responses are generated by a “real” person.


2. Have you met the ‘pioneers’?

These people are those who were there the moment you started your project. That moment when you still do not have the idea how things will work out.

Have you count how many of them? Perhaps you can get back to them and introduce what went alright, that has already reached perfection.

When you do this you are acknowledging your mistakes to them. This is entirely true for every website you come across with. With this, you can try different other things with them. Humor them. Write crazy and weird contents.


3. Engage the passionate

These people started as your pioneers but they become your greatest fan that every time you make a blog post they like it! They even share it in their network.

They are so interested in the topic that they are thanking you for solving their problems, one that is tricky to crack. They are your cheerleaders for every milestone that your blog will take on.

To engage these people, you must maintain that degree of sincerity on your posts. Thank them in every help they made for you. You can do this by hosting some Q&A sessions via Google Hangout or other teleconferencing platform. Remember that when you do this do not be someone you are not. It will show, trust us!


4. Focus on the energetic

These people will motivate you to move on with your project. These people will make you realize your other concerns i.e. finances, team management, etc. These ideas are very great for you!

However, they will also tell you to focus because everything is still prone to go the drain.

So to maintain your stance you must write on some high-quality, solid contents whenever you can. With these new topics, you can bring more “energetic” into your website or blog. You can magnet more if you can devise for more strategies to create efficiently-engaging contents.


5. It’s awesome with the ‘learners and growers’

We can also refer to them as the ‘loyalists’. You know these people have been your explorer, pioneer, passionate and energetic all into one. They are the awesome people who track you down hence, they consider you as an expert in the field/niche you are in.

To maintain this particular network of audience, you need to minimize your content’s shadowy area. Chase the rabbit holes if you can. Read more! Not only blogs but likewise books and then summarize and synthesize whatever you can learn from them.

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