The Pros and Cons of Using cPanel

cpanel control panel
We have introduced you to cPanel in our previous posts but today we will be dedicating this entire blog entry to it so you can understand it fully, both its advantages and disadvantages.

cPanel is a well-known web hosting control panel that helps you manage your website with ease and practicality. It takes away the burden from you in going an extra mile to understand the different web hosting features, its jargons and different techie buttons. cPanel allows you to work just like a pro (in the event you are newbie) so you can be able to maximize your site productivity. This way you are not making a waste of your time. Hence, allow us to enlighten and guide you as to the pros and cons of using cPanel.

For the Advantages…

1. Navigational and User-friendly Interface

Your eyes will not experience eyesore whenever you manoeuvre cPanel’s interface as it has one that is beautiful, colourful and vibrant. On top of that, it totally easy to navigate because it is icon-based, meaning that your menu is already linked with the different key features.
cpanel interface

2. A Huge Array of OS

cPanel was created not to support a sinlge operating system but to be accepted by as many operating system as possible. By this alone, cPanel makes it an icon of every web hosting company out there. To name a few of the operating systems it supports are: Redhat, Fedora, Free BSD, Trustix, CentOs and Debian. What is more, cPanel is working on a particular versions that is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS.
cpanel operating system

3. High-Esteem Reputation among Clients

Over the years, cPanel has turned into a household name among web hosting geeks and aficionados. It is a name that not one web hosting client does not know. With such familiarity, a client is somehow at ease to work with; knowing that it is supported by a stable control panel.
cpanel reputation

4. Cost-Efficient

If you are going to purchase it via a data center, you can surely take advantage of cPanel’s low cost and practical solution. There are several providers of dedicated servers like EV1 servers, CyberWurx and Layered Technologies which are partners of cPanel hence you are allowed to get affordable licenses. Also, you can add cPanel to servers for the price of $25 a month. This amount is already a reduced cost than purchasing it directly from cPanel.
cpanel cost efficient

5. Availability of Numerous Add-ons

By using cPanel you can be able to incorporate third party applications into the software. Add-ons like Fantastico and cPanel Pro can be added with ease and finesse. The former being the most popular add-one is actually developed by Netenberg to be an auto installer. With this program, you can be able to build scripts via a library in no less than a minute. Meanwhile, the latter (cPanel Pro) is developed by cPanel itself with a built-in submission form in support.
cpanel addons

6. A Selection of Skins

There are a lot skins and designs available at cPanel, which includes cPanel XP 2004 and iCandy. Skins provide you with unique interface design so your company will be completely different from its competitors. Also skin sets such that of RV Skin are incorporated with additional customer pages.
cpanel skins

7. Regular Software Updates

Updates are run by cPanel on a regular basis, daily to be exact. With it being an oftener, it only shows how dedicated cPanel is in providing you only quality and best control panel product.
cpanel software update

For the Disadvantages…

1. Different Web Host Manager Layout

cPanel has a different layout for reseller web hosting. It is so different than the user-friendly cPanel interface. The Web Host Manager features sort of a framed layout with a menu-filled of icons plus an elongated navigation. Although it is easy to manipulate it tends to be a little confusing the longer you use it. Unlike cPanel, other control panel software make use of the same interface for both end-user and reseller control panels.

2. Non-Pro Interface

Unlike other control panel software out there, cPanel’s interface does not project a glint of professionalism. It only banks on the “easy to use” aspect of the control panel but viewing it would tell us how poorly made it is done. It seems that the cPanel team have overdone developing key features and design alike to its control panel.
nonpro interface

3. A Common Option

cPanel is a commonly used by a lot of web hosting providers, which means that you are using a control panel just like everyone else. You don’t set yourself apart from your competitors. You are joining the pool. No difference at all. Hence, you have a lesser chance to be chosen by your target and prospects.
cpanel common option

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