Top 5 Green Web Hosting Websites

top 5 green web hosting
In our previous post 5 Facts about Green Web Hosting, we have introduced you to the idea and the flourishing trend of green web hosting. In that we have resolved the essence of using green in web hosting.

Green web hosting derived their power from servers generated by renewable energy like wind and solar. Defeating the idea of a paper trail seem to connote a green feature, however if the hosting company is emitting Carbon Dioxide then the purpose is defeated. FYI only a few web hosting companies are going green these days. Some of them started as early as 1996 and since then the industry grew and even competition grew wilder!

As more web hosting providers have gone green, the competition to persuade eco-savvy web hosting users is getting fiercer. In this post we will delve deeper into the top 5 green web hosting websites today. These companies understood the importance of minimizing carbon footprint, which a lot of people have been campaigning against and continues to build awareness to fight it. Despite such efforts, websites and its hosting services come in last when a greener reform is in mind. Yet, it is among the biggest pollutants we have today. Hence, the value of making a green revolution affects your business decision because of the following: resource optimization, layout and management, machinery, service levels, reliability and performance, customer service, cost, as well as installation applications.

1. SuperGreen

The services offered by this web hosting company is one of the best green web hosting in terms of rank. SuperGreen focused on providing all its hosting services and online control reports while maintaining a 99.9% uptime. It even offers free domains for unlimited domain name so you can add it to your package. In addition, SuperGreen has 24/7 customer service support and a Best Green Host Award in 2009, with operations primarily based on wind energy.
supergreen web hosting

2. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks allows you to take advantage of its competitive pricing range. It is powered by wind energy that offers the required configuration for servers and support applications that your website and data requirement. GreenGeeks offer a round-the-clock support at no additional cost. GreenGeeks has been recognized in 2008 by PC World for its unique services and web hosting features.
green geeks web hosting

3. HostGator

It claims to overcome and beat its competition. HostGator offers unlimited hosting service at competitive yet nominal rates with applications and configuration support for server which you entirely need. It features web hosting so you can have a wide extent of corporate presence but its core is on its reseller facilities. HostGator is maintained by a wind-powered data center that runs its hosting servers.

4. FatCow

The company has its early beginnings in 1998 and since then has been inclined to be a 100% renewable energy based company. In fact, with its green endeavours it continues to land on higher posts amidst fierce competition in the global green hosting industry. FatCow allows you to take advantage of discounted plans dedicated not only for businesses but also to non-profit organizations while providing economical costs and efficient services among customers.
fatcow web hosting

5. DreamHost

For more than a decade of being in the web hosting business, DreamHost already knows what it takes to make a company successful. Their years of success are imparted with the millions of web hosting users they have today. What is more, they do it without placing any harm to Mother Nature. DreamHost focus on maximizing power efficiency through carbon neutralization as well as resource economy. This results in offsetting carbon and carbon footprint reduction. On top of that is their 24/7 customer service support and 99% uptime.
dreamhost web hosting

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