Visual Branding – 5 New Ways to the Top

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visual branding
Series and trilogies have been a trend in the entertainment industry today. There is a lot of crazy stuff going on when we see them that we get hooked by the mere sight of them. Take for example the fad about Star Wars. Almost all of us have seen this movie. But more than the fact that it is an interesting piece of entertainment nevertheless there is something more than that.

Star Wars is among those with an established visual brand. Both the lead and the villains project distinct personalities that even after watching the trilogy will stay behind.

That is what visual branding can do. Learning from Star Wars, we can conclude that branding should be simple yet enticing—the perfect balance. In this entry, we are going to discuss all about visual branding, its importance and tips on staying on top.

1. The Essence of Visual Branding

Competition is tough on the Internet. You can see them all the time in just a click away. Hence, it is essential that you maintain such degree of presence for retention. You want to persuade people and capture their attention so they can immediately engage with the content. But is it enough?

Visual branding per se is not enough. Truth is, it would not make any of your product or service marketable. In establishing this, you need to have connections with the audience on various and distinct levels. It is about you can be able to make them relate to your story and then convert it to the best customer satisfaction.
visual branding

2. Establish Principles

A brand tells a story. For you to do this, you need to put it to words. First, define what you would like your brand to represent. Who is your audience? Create a profile of your prospects. You can create a map of your words and concepts that describes your product brand. Second, make a board filled with stock photos, screenshots, colors, typography, and all the things that you like so you can visualize a concept of your brand. Remember that it should encompass all the principles of your brand. This will be your reminder every time you want to make a visual piece.

Now look at your website. Is it the perfect execution to the board and map you just created?
visual branding principles establish

3. Create visually appealing patterns

Patterns help in keeping the consistency of your visual branding. Both colors and typography are important key elements that you must start defining first. Once you have figured out which is the best do not alter them time and again. Also, don’t forget to be specific.

Then you can further expand and make some tweaking with your certain visual elements concerning your layout i.e. spacings, imagery, paddings, iconography, margins, etc.

In case you want an existing visual pattern to be improved like your front page, it is a good idea that you think of something you unique for that page. This particular aspect of your website should be the “call to action” part of your page.
At the end of your efforts, you will see what a solid and powerful branding you have just created. This will set you apart from the rest.
visual branding appealing patterns

4. Keepsake Visual Branding

Preserving and maintaining your visual brand are two different concepts. One is referring to a lifetime commitment while the other pertains to consistency insofar as your products and services unified on your website. For this purpose, you must create a guideline written on document for certain visual elements. Here you need to include the basics i.e. logo, colors, iconography, fonts, imagery.

Complete the information for the said basic criteria so this will be your guide book FOREVER. Yes, your team and colleagues will be using the same material too. Just continue and collaborate with them.
keepsake branding

5. Building a striking brand

Now that you have contemplated on the things written above, allow us to ask you these: where does your brand go from here? What is its current status? Does it make a connection at a glance?

Think. Be creative. Innovate.
build striking brand

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