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Today, the world is filled with techy gadgets and high-end technologies, mobile devices is one of the most wanted gadgets for everyone since most of the new mobile models today are packed with tools that are very powerful and advanced with great features as well. The capabilities of mobile phones did not just end from end texting, calling, taking pictures and so on, it can now do stuff that are unbelievably great for your personal and business needs.

Recently, developers have created a way for everyone to use wordpress in their mobile phones. With the help of this plugins, viewing, customizing and maintaining your wordpress sites is easy and applicable at anytime you want. There are many online marketers who wish to take care of their sites while on-the-go and as a result of massive needs; mobile plugins are developed to serve your wordpress sites needs.

If you are looking for mobile plugins, check out the latest list of best wordpress mobile plugins:

WP Mobile Detector


WP Mobile Detector is a great plugin for WordPress that will help you detect if the user is viewing the sites using smart phones or standard mobile phones. It can easily differentiate what type of mobile device you are using and automatically adjust to the devices’ interface. This plugin is one of the most efficient mobile detectors for WordPress and has numerous features like advanced mobile statistics, mobile search engine bots and can detect over 5000 plus mobile devices. It can automatically resize images and content to fit in the mobile device and lets you easily select pre-installed themes and more. This plugin will help you increase your sites visitors by letting everyone take a peek of your site using their mobile phones.

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WordPress Mobile Pack


The WordPress Mobile Pack is a mobilize toolkit designed for WordPress sites. This plugin works with different WordPress versions, from the oldest to the newest and proven tested to work perfectly without a hassle. This plugin pack has numerous features like mobile switcher, standard mobile theme, has a set of advanced themes for Nokia and WebKit devices, custom color variations, has mobile admin panel, has mobile ad widget, has mobile analytics feature, has automatic listing for users to discover mobile-friendly sites and a whole lot more of powerful features. These features are designed for mobile devices to easily customize your site using your mobile phones anywhere at any time.

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WpTouch is a plugin design to view your site in different mobile devices like iPhone, iPad Touch, Android mobile phones and other types of mobile devices. This plugin is a great plugin for people who want to customize their sites away from their desktop computers. This plugin can give you the easiest interface for mobile and it’s even compatible to visitors who are using tablets. Your visitors can easily switch to mobile themes or to regular themes whenever they want and whatever type of devices they are using, WpTouch will be a handy plugin for you. This plugin also has a very user-friendly admin panel, using it will never be a problem for everyone. WpTouch is the most polished, professional and powerful plugin for mobile devices with so much to offer. Check its overall features with over 200 new more features in its latest WpTouch pro version.

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Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin


Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin is a plugin that lets you mobilize your sites using mobile devices in an instant. With the use of this plugin, viewing your site in any devices is possible because it can detect all sorts of sites in any page at anytime you want and your visitors too. It can carry over the original theme of your websites and still view it in a nice and fixed interface the same as viewing it with your desktop computers. Features includes the following: automatic image resizing, retain SEO, mobile advertising integration (Admob & Google Adsense), lets you view stats on Mobile Page Impressions, fully compatible with WordPress MU, support for multi-lingual characters, lets you comment from your mobile, lets you upload mobile specific header/footer images and more. Check out the latest and most advanced features of Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin today.

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Mobify WordPress Mobile


Mobify is platform that focuses in giving your website the most responsive and power-packed tools to help you increase mobile visitors and revenues for your site as well. This plugin has many features to offer and will surely give you the best mobile support. With the help of Mobify, it’s easier to load any chosen contents, images, scripts and other essential elements of your site. This plugin also supports ecommerce framework with tools and functionalities that can serve your site best to ensure quality performance. This plugin is perfect for personal and business use which will give your customers a very satisfying experience. This is also a perfect tool for busy marketers where they can easily manage everything using their mobile phones and tablets. Check out Mobify’s great offer today and see the difference of mobilizing your site with your mobile devices.

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