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Hacking, spamming and viruses are one of the major problems that any online entrepreneur may encounter along their journey into online business. Any site or system can be destroyed by anyone especially if you are using WordPress since it is one of the top publishing platforms. More and more people are using WordPress today, everyday it gets more famous; the more famous it has become, it gets more vulnerable as well especially if you disregard the precautions on how to highly secure and maintain your sites.

Mainly, hacking is nevertheless one of the most hated experiences when it comes to internet related topics and almost everyone has their own stories to tell. Hackers are all over the net, it can destroy your sites, collect exclusive details like passwords and other log-in infos, save in your computer’s precious software and destroys your entire online career. Expert hackers are also growing in numbers which makes everyone very vulnerable and can be hacked at any time, believe it or not they will strike at you when you least expect it.

Good thing, security plugins are developed to make everyone at ease about hacking attack. These plugins will help potential online entrepreneurs to secure their sites and other important information that your sites have. Security plugins are more of a friendly plugins in the neighborhood that are design to eliminate or at least lower the risk of being hacked. You can find many developers who offer plugins for security purposes in the web but make sure to choose the right one for your own benefit.

Here is a list of security plugins for your sites that are known to be very efficient and effective when it comes to security matters:

Better WP Security


Better WP Security is one of the top security plugins for WordPress. It protects numerous aspects of your sites to keep away hackers from getting any information from your sites. This plugin hides sensitive areas of your sites like login, admin and more. It protects and blocks users from getting any vital information and lets you know which parts of your sites are vulnerable. It can also detect bots and other unauthorized attempts. Better WP Security can also help you recover files for your site if your site has been compromise by any sort. Better WP Security is a great plugin for WordPress but make sure to read the full details before installing this plugin to your sites to avoid compatibility issues and errors in the future. Before installing Better WP Security, make a backup of your site and other important details to avoid lost of data.

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BulletProof Security


BulletProof Security protects your site from any hacking attempts that could possibly put your site at risk like XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection. This plugin is using .htaccess files for a much stronger security protection for your wordpress sites. With the use of .htaccess files, any suspicious scripts and attacks to your sites will be stop even before it gets to the core of your dashboard. BulletProof Security can also help you in backing-up and restoring files from your sites. It provides you maximum security for your websites and allows specific IP addresses only to access your dashboard. By allowing only your own IP address or other specific IP addresses to have an access of your sites dashboard, you can securely work with your site and denies other possible hacking attempts from any IP addresses which is not recognize by your system.

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WP Security Scan


WP Security Scan is a friendly plugin for WordPress sites. It automatically checks the status of your websites and suggests a better way for you to take care of your sites. This plugin will give suggestions to strengthen your website by giving you possible ways to do to make it safer and away from vulnerabilities that may compromise the status of your sites. It will suggest you possible solutions to your sites problems like passwords, file permissions, database security, version hiding, wordpress admin protection/security, removes WP generator meta tag from core code and more. You don’t have to check the status of your sites for possible threats since this plugin will give you hints on what areas you need to improve for your websites. If you are interested to include this plugin for your sites, make sure to backup your current installation before activating WP Security Scan. Checking the status of your site is never been this easy with WP Security Scan.

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Ultimate Security Checker


Ultimate Security Checker is one of the best security plugins for wordpress sites. This plugin is timely updated and it’s compatible to the latest versions of WordPress as well. This plugin can help you scan and detect all types of threats that may compromise your sites. It also gives their users a security grades about the status of your site on how well or bad it maybe plus it automatically scans every piece of details so you won’t have a problem skipping any threats that could possibly harm your sites or portion of it by any means. Ultimate Security Checker offers 1 click installation and it’s very easy to use perfect for newbie or expert wordpress users. Ultimate Security Checker is a plugin you can trust, prevent your site from losing what you have work hard for with powerful security system of Ultimate Security Checker.

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Secure WordPress


Secure WordPress is a powerful plugin for securing your WordPress sites. This plugin allows you to remove error information on the log-in pages, adds virtual index.php plugin directory, and does a lot more protection by simply removing windows live writer, core and plugin update information for non admins and version on URL’s from scripts and stylesheets. Secure WordPress plugin blocks bad queries that can harm your websites and this plugin will also help you hide your wordpress dashboards from any anonymous or non-admins and allowing only your account to get in touch with the backend portion of your sites which will make your sites a lot safer.  Secure WordPress plugin is design to protect WordPress sites and will give you more than just a simple protection, download and install this plugin today and make your site safer from any threats.

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Antispam Bee


Antispam Bee is also known as spam killer plugin which is a very effective solution for spam attacks. This plugin does not allow your sites to store data from any remote servers with numerous features to offer as well. Antispam Bee counters spam attacks to protect your wordpress sites from spammers. Your dashboard will be free from spam attacks and will put everything in tact and confidential for you. It also automatically cleans up the your spam folder, marks and deletes spam threats, supports Project Honey Pot, blocks comments from specified areas and more. This plugin also allows certain languages for comments, has a very interactive statistics on dashboard and notifies you about spam comments. This plugin offers you quick and easy installation. If you are having problems with spam attacks lately, choose Antispam Bee to solve your problem.

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NoSpamNX plugin is one of the most downloaded antispam plugins for wordpress. It offers protection for your website by adding formfields in the comment form which are invisible to users. By simply adding those formfields, spambots automatically fills those fields and lets you detect comments with spam threats. You can block those spam threats and delete any harmful attack before it affects your sites. This plugin is very easy to install and with very easy configuration settings as well. With the use of NoSpamNX, you can specify what to block like URLs, domains, IP addresses and specific phrases. This plugin offers you an easy way to protect your website from spammers, it does not require JavaScript, Cookies or Sessions, you don’t need to manage spambots comments because NoSpamNX will make it handy for you. This plugin lets you save time in managing your website and lets you enjoy spamfree sites.

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Limit Login Attempts


Limit Login Attempts is a powerful plugin to minimize the risk of having your account compromise by force entries. By limiting the attempts to login in every IP addresses to your sites dashboard, making further attempts after specified limits is impossible and will leave those hackers no choice at all but to quit logging in. this is a safer way for your site against login retries and will allow only you or someone who really knows your account. This plugin will also limit the login attempts using auth cookies, it will also inform the user of how many tries left to do and it can handle server behind reverse proxy. All in all, this plugin is a great way to protect your site before it can even get in; it will be of your good benefit by simply blocking unwanted users to mess around with your sites.

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Akismet is a spam detector plugin for websites. It is design to look after your sites and help you detect comments which can threaten your sites. Before any spam contents can spread, Akismet can catch spam threats easily and lets you review everything if it’s a spam or not. It can also detect the body of each comment by highlighting specific areas and see through if the contents have misleading links. Akismet can give you specific reports on spam and unspam to help you improve the accuracy in categorizing the threats for your sites. This is a helpful plugin for websites and surely no spam can spread within your comments. The latest versions is the Akismet 2.5.6 which has great more features included and handles everything easily for you to keep away from spam attacks.

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WordPress Firewall 2


WordPress Firewall 2 is an updated version of the famous and power-packed WordPress Firewall, and with this new version, more features are offered and it is even made more powerful as well for all the WordPress sites out there. With the help of this plugin, it automatically identifies the threats and stops the most obvious attacks before it can strike. The main objective of the plugin is to firewall your sites against threats by putting blacklists and whitelists on pathological-looking phrases to lower or fully eliminate the risk of attacks. This plugin is a great firewall protection for you that will surely make you sleep tight at night while your sites are on the move for progress.

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ChapSecureLogin is a plugin to help you secure your password while logging in to your account. This plugin is using SHA-256 algorithm to encrypt your site’s passwords. The encryption is done through the help of Chap protocol which is very useful if you can’t access other secure protocol process. This plugin will help you hide your password and allows only the username to be displayed. This plugin also offers you a very convenient and easy installation. You just have to activate this plugin into your WordPress menu and start having a secure access for your site.

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WP-DBManager is a great plugin for managing the database of your websites. It has numerous versions and all of it is free for everyone who wants to use it for their WordPress sites. This plugin is design to allow you manage the database of your WordPress sites in a very safe and desirable way you can ever imagine. WP-DBManager can help you repair, back-up, restore, delete backup and run selected queries without an extra effort on your part. It can automatically backup your sites database according to set schedules or repair your sites problem easy enough for you. WP-DBManager is using mysqldump application to generate automatic backups and mysql application to restore your database via shell, the best part is you can even receive a copy of the backup right into your inbox. It’s easy to use and can be downloaded anytime, try this powerful plugin today.

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