10 Amazing Reasons to Choose Free WordPress Themes

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In an earlier post (or several before that), we featured a lot about Premium WordPress themes. So in this post we would like to give you these 10 amazing reasons to choose Free WordPress themes. You can take advantage of this kind of themes from several providers. Most of these developers create these WordPress themes to improve their brand, build portfolios or other marketing efforts in mind. So here are the perks of using a Free theme for your website. We hope that you can find this post very handy and useful on your next effort in making that great website of yours!

1.Use and Download Right Away

Since you are choosing a free theme, chances are you do not need to shell out so much of your money. With this, all you need is a simple point and click and voila you have your own website in no time!

2.Share and Connect

Since there is no personalized support in these themes, queries usually come in comments and forums but no worries there is an upside to this. Connection with other bloggers and website owners will be made easy with these. Support can be gathered from them. What is more, you can establish rapport with them which can be very beneficial in the future.

3.The Widest Settings

Configuration and plugins is large in Free themes that you can just click “report issue” whenever a problem will arise. You cannot find such convenience when you are on a Premium theme.

4.Work Pretty Well

Despite it being free, Free WordPress themes are usually sought-after become it also come with a warranty plus a guaranty that it works very well.

5.Personalized Support

Contrary to those who think that you cannot get the same grade of support than Premium themes, Free themes actually have that in their system. It is a falsity to believe that it does not have that kind of support service in their system.

6.Update 24/7

The frequency of the update in Free themes are not as regular as Premium themes but the pace is just pretty close.

7.High-Grade Look

The list of free theme designs is absolutely stunning and brings uniqueness to greater heights. In no time you can find that particular design that you can carry your brand or thoughts with.

8.Reliable and Trustworthy

Free themes nowadays are provided by reliable developers and contributors. Gone are the days that they are fuelled by spam and haux. So all you need is to key in the right keyword and then you are all set!

9.Simple and Easy

There are easy to install Free themes these days that does away with difficult codes and CMS shortcuts. So you do not have to worry even if you are just new to this thing. All you need is a creative mind and a sense of adventure!

10.Functionality over Feature

This is not compromised even if you are not paying for the blog or website you are about to use. Chances are, free themes by WordPress may bring ample options and features that will suit your changing needs.

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