10 Aspects of the Best Web Hosting Service

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aspects of web hosting
A decision to start an online business or blog is a tough one, what’s more choosing the best web hosting service to pair it with? This realization come from the fact that a lot of companies these days have been sprouting like pods on fields with a guarantee of 99% uptime, knowledgeable tech support and unlimited resources.

So we have decided to make this blog entry minus the burden of cutting through the jargon to come up with a learned and well-informed decision. We hope by the end of these 10 aspects of best web hosting service you will be able to compare the good from the what-nots. By knowing what these companies mean, you will be able to come up with an informed decision that best suits your needs.

web hosting cost

1. Cost

This is the primordial factor considered by many in choosing a web hosting. The thing about this though is that it should not define your endeavours. It is not recommended that you jump on the least expensive offer you encounter should you decide to open an online business. There are features for instance offered at $1.99/month but does not cover an open-sourced support or a top-notch hardware. So in case you want your money’s worth, take a closer look at the features first before the prices.

area of specialty

2. Area of Specialty

Not all web hosting service fits all sorts of customers. Some have amazing shared plans while other has impeccable business plans perfect for blogs or a starting business. For you to understand this fully you need to check the company’s area of expertise and specialty. You can go with that single company that knows your needs as a client. You can check out some web reviews as to the advantages and disadvantages of the company.

specs and limitations

3. Specs and Limitations

If you have already eyed on a particular web hosting service, you should take a closer look on the different features that will be perfect for your online goals. Is it feature-rich? Is it ideal for an ecommerce website? Does it give you opportunity to place as many videos and contents as possible? Cheap web hosting plans may not have the disk space and RAM that you exactly need to address any loading or downtime issues. To make it more personal, try contacting them and ask them any questions.

customer tech support

4. Customer Service Support

According to a lot of web hosting users, this is another aspect that you must thoroughly consider. Chances are there can be instances that you will experience technicalities. You can call the tech support service. Now the question is: do they have real, live person who are ready to answer your query? Before getting their services, check out the company’s reputation when it comes to tech support. Check out what they can do for you. Do they have email, chat and toll-free support? By doing so you will be able to see the technical side and specifications of the company but remember this all hosting service are not the same.

add on features

5. Add-on Features

This particular area will allow you to answer this question: what makes it unique? Check out whether you can get any incentive or advantage to make your website more appealing by choosing that particular web hosting service. If you see any unique feature, go for it!

high-powered hardware

6. High-powered Hardware

This one entails that you become a bit of a researcher or a techie geek (or both) because you have to get down up to the last detail of it. What are the machines used by your company? Are they industry best and top-of-the-line? In the event that your chosen company does not provide for this information, remember that you have the right to know because the hardware is an important part of your website.

customer reputation and satisfaction

7. Reputation among Customers

This particular factor means you need to be a little creative. To do this correctly, you can start a Google search for your chosen hosting company or you can check their social media accounts. Check out what other customers think about the company, especially their experience. Were they satisfied? How about the company’s reputation when it comes to addressing customer-related problems?

email account

8. Email Account Features

It is a rare occurrence that you will have to consider this aspect since a lot of hosting services these days have impeccable spam-detector feature. Anyhow you still need to review your provider’s email practices.

user interface cpanel

9. User Interface a.k.a cPanel

You do not have to be a techie to understand this. These days everything seems to be a lot easier especially when it comes to WP installation, email and FTP account set ups. You do not need a company expert for this. However, you need to check whether or not your company is cPanel-based so your updates and modifications will be hassle-free.


10. Scalability

Last and definitely not the least, you must think about your hosting provider as a lifetime partner. In doing so, you need to see whether all their offerings and feature is a match with your 10-year plan.

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