10 Ways to Save on Web Hosting Services

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web hosting
Web hosting is among the investments you should make when you decide to start your own blog or online business. However, as good as it may sound, hosting these days ain’t cheap. Reliable and affordable hosting plans from trusted companies can be difficult to find and oftentimes they have daunting offers that is not within your budget. This one is not a good idea for newbie or those who have just decided to start up their business or blog.

However, in this post we are giving you 10 ways to save bon web hosting services so you can work around your budget next time you are in the market for web hosting.

cheap hosting package

1. Cheaper Hosting Packages

Perhaps this one is pretty obvious but you can count that you can have more. By now, you have realized how well your web hosting plan works. You may have known the key features that it offers best for you. However, the good news is you can continue paying for those features—for less—with a much cheaper hosting plan. The only thing that you should do here is to list down all the key features from different hosting plans offered by web hosting services. By listing down you can highlight the features you really need and consider the ones that matters most.

long-term contract

2. Register for Long-term Contract

Signing up for long-term hosting contracts will allow you to save in most cases. Most providers offer more discount when you choose for long-term ones than short-term engagements. But a piece of advice though you should choose the best web hosting service so you can play safe with the in signing up for your long-term contracts.

watchout discounts

3. Watchout for Discounts

You can check your hosting providers every now and then to lookout for discount rates and coupon offer. Oftentimes, you will see a lot of these popping up on your window during your first time sign-up. Most of these codes are also found on other websites, blogs, forums or from your network of friends. In the event you cannot find any of them, you can email your provider for these discount codes. Be careful though because these have expiration dates.

free domains all the way

4. Free Domains All the Way

This is one of the things that is worth your attention especially if you are starting up your blog or online business. There are a lot of free hosting services these days although you need to be a really careful in choosing the free ones. Most of these popular providers offer a free and basic for newbie. This is a good start since going for a paid hosting service later on will be easy for you. Also, don’t forget to back up your data files to avoid information losses.

unlimited hosting

5. Unlimited Hosting is Good

Unlimited hosting simply means that you will be paying for a plan where you can add a number of domains without additional costs. With this, you can have more websites to host. This is actually a cost efficient tip especially for established web or blog owners. In using unlimited hosting, it is important that you register each domain separately before you add unlimited hosting service plans.

web hosting packages and prices

6. Don’t be Scared of Package Prices

It is always worth it every time you go through your email and check out the awesome emails that offers you some packages here and there. Check out the server prices as your guide price than a mere fixed fees. Web hosting providers are willing to offer a match for their competitor’s discounts and deals.

evaluate services

7. Evaluate Hosting Services

Although it is cool to stick with a provider for a long time but by this time you may already experience some slowness with the servers. Hence, it is advisable that you evaluate every now and then so you will be able to learn particular specification that works or not for you well. This way you can determine whether you still need it or not so that you can avail the savings you need.

separate hosting

8. Separate hosting and domains, Different companies

Getting these from different companies will make your website or blog moving as ever. If you do this, you can have an uphill battle out of your domains. There are companies that can make this a bit long plus with a downtime on the lead, which nobody actually wants. By doing this too you can change your nameserver without going through the process of domain transfer and release.

scalable cloud

9. Use Scalable Solution

Small sites should be run by equally small inexpensive web servers. With a cloud-based solution that is a scalable server you can boost your web hosting performance and the information limits that you needed. This only means that you are simply paying for the bandwidth.


10. Switch to New Hosting

Cheaper hosting options offer similar features and services but at a price and cost you cannot ignore. Changing to alternative hosting will surely help you save a lot of money while enjoying the benefits. But you must be sure what your target audience needs before choosing what hosting service you like. You can check out for reviews available on the web for easy reference and information.

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