The 4-Step Online Process of Interlinking Articles for WordPress

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Coming up with a Search Engine Optimization plan is not hard to do in WordPress. You must only know what, where and how to carry out the plan. But for this post, we will focus more on the content-phase of your WordPress site. Hence, we came up with a 5-Step Online Process of Interlinking Articles for WordPress.

It is the aim of every WordPress site owner to achieve higher ranks in search queries. There are so many ways to that, if you ask us. One of which is to tweak the category page of your WordPress site. Another is of course linking your latest articles with your previous posts, which has relevance on said entry.

But how and which post you must link? What particular anchor text you should use?

1.Prioritize the articles for ranking

You can link the articles desired for this purpose with the use of some anchor text but certainly that should not only be the only thing that you can do. You could also go over the rest of your articles that are already hitting the ranks. Check out Googly Analytics to look at the keywords to see article which are making great in the search engines. If you are not doing well in the ranks, this is a great opportunity to link articles with the latest ones. It is easier and effective if you do that.

2.Link Articles in HTML

This is one of the nuances that some SEO experts consider before you begin article interlinking. By nuances, we mean that they are not new—they are the secrets to success in search engines. Anyway, as you decide to link your articles in HTML from the start it passes through more juices. This makes a lot sense since links found above the fold have important bearing than those links below it.

3. Use the First Link of the Article

This is a unique one and makes a lot of sense because search engines only use the first order of a link in the algorithm. This is in reference to links in the same post. But of course the exception is when it is coming from various posts. But the rule is to only interlink the ranks at the same page only once.

4.Check Out for More Updates

As the day pass by, updates for content in WordPress also change and improve. So we highly recommend that you make a wary eye on those things. This will help you not only be knowledgeable with the trends but also achieve your goal: topping the ranks and gaining online presence.

So you see it only takes four simple—but tricky—steps on how to interlink your articles. Follow these steps and you are good to go. Of course, these suggestions are on top of a good brand, great service and impeccable content. Simply put these are just add-ons to your existing content marketing efforts. We hope that in a way or the other we have enlightened you and have guided you on your WordPress SEO endeavour.

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