10 Most Popular Online Comic Sites

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If you’re looking for a quick read or something to perk you up on a depressing day, comics are your best bet. Thankfully, comics don’t just come in the newspaper or the shop by the street filled with guys from the “Big Bang Theory.” Here are ten of the most popular online comic sites to visit.

1. Cyanide and Happiness


This comic started out all thanks to Kris Wilson back in 2004, a 16-year old. Now, Cyanide & Happiness is run by four people which sticks to images of stick drawn people in dark humour. This is certainly a comic that isn’t child friendly with its blood, profanity and sex. This comic sit is perfect for adults seeking for a minute of laughter each stressful day.

2. Nedroid


Nedroid follows the hilarious adventures of Harrison the shark man, Reginald the bird man and Beartato the potato bear man.

3. Comic Naver


Almost all comics on this site are in Korean but they are worth the read given they offer more than just good scares. The web comic has sound effects and slide movements bound to freak readers out. A bit of a warning though because this site is not for the faint of heart.

4. Gun Show Comic


Made by KC Green, Gun Show Comic is definitely the comics for everybody. From mummies with erections to ghosts, nerds and dogs, Gun Show Comic is anything and everything funny in one.

5. Matt Bors


Who would have thought that even political aspects in the world would be turned into comic strips? Well, for Matt Bors the fun starts there. Bors takes political woes in a satirical and comical way that makes readers laugh and think about the ways of the world.

6. Mega Tokyo


A fictional version of Tokyo, Japan, Mega Tokyo follows the tale of video game and anime enthusiasts. The comics had started off as short humorous clips but now longer versions have been up on the site. With one of the creators up and gone, Fred Gallagher was left to continue the riotous series which has taken into a more serious track.



If people think sarcasm, romance, language and math don’t go together, well think again. XKCD is a web comic filled with all four mentioned. The jokes will make readers scratch their heads more than once. There are interactive jokes as well once readers hover their mouse over hidden images in the comics.

8. Questionable Content


This comic started out about indie music jokes but with the addition of personal computers with legs and an attitude, Questionable Content talks about life in general with a funny twist.

9. Girl Genius


Drawn and written by Kaja and Phil Foglio, this online comic has received a few awards. Girl Genius starts off in the Industrial Revolution with a touch of Victorian essence and Steampunk.

10. Ctrl + Alt + Delete


This online comic focuses on jokes related to video games but nowadays has branched out into the general scene.


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