Top 10 SEO Experts to Follow

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Search Engine Optimization may be easy to do and practice but to learn such best practices on it one must get help from experts on SEO. Thankfully, the web contains quite a few numbers of people willing to provide their expertise on SEO.

Here are the top ten experts on Search Engine Optimization to follow on the second largest social media site on the web, Twitter.

1. Rand Fishkin, Twitter: @randfish


Rand is the Co-founder and CEO of SEOmoz. On Rand’s Twitter page alone, there are around fifty to seventy five tweets in a week. You’ll find all kinds of articles about search and social SEO plus start up ideas. Fishkin’s insights and ideas are certainly one to keep in mind and practice.

2. Danny Sullivan, Twitter: @DannySullivan


The founding editor of @MarketingLand and @SELand, Danny covers everything and anything about search marketing and search engines. Also, Sullivan has countless tweets that tackle the aspects of SEO, PPC and Google. This is one guy to follow when you have got questions about the biggest search engine site on the web, Google.

3. Greg Boser, Twitter @GregBoser


Co-Founder and President of Foundation Digital in Southern California, Greg’s digital consultancy firm helps execute and develop data for companies. These date focus on media driven strategies that increase the brand awareness and market share.

4. Marty Weintraub, Twitter @aimclear


Owner of, Marty is the Founder and Evangelist of Inc. 500. Aside from travelling the world, Marty is a speaker and author of all things digital namely Facebook advertisements, content and SEO. Check out her blog for more on SEO and Facebook ad management.

5. Aaron Wall, Twitter @aaronwall


Owner and Founder of, Aaron offers an SEO training program along with a forum for private members. has in fact been named Google’s number one SEO training program and is the best website to head to for everything search engine optimization.

6. Matt Cutts, Twitter @mattcutts


Aside from being the head of the web spam team of Google, Matt also runs an SEO blog that tackles all things SEO, Google and gadgets. 7. Tom Critchlow, Twitter @tomcritchlow Tom’s three words to live by are: “Move. Think. Create.” Aside from sharing his expertise on science and the inter web, Tom is also an SEO expert and at random times a poet ninja.

8. Lee Odden, Twitter @leeodden


The CEO of which is an online marketing agency, Lee offers insights on social media, content marketing and integrated search. If not blogging or writing about SEO, Lee often blogs about his travels and indulges in occasional food binges.

9. Lisa Barone, Twitter @lisabarone


The VP of, Lisa’s digital agency offers motion graphics, design and development that redefines creativity. Aside from the aforementioned, Barone’s website offers content, SEO, PR, PPC and social strategies.

10. Gerald Weber, Twitter @the_gman


Jokingly calls himself the toilet cleaner and head janitor of, Gerald offers a marketing plan, search engine optimization, PPC management, Google analytics and more.

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