10 Reasons Why Comments Matter in WordPress

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There came a time when the blogosphere made a surprised stop on blog commenting due to spamming, burdensome moderation and irrelevant conversations on the comment stream. Perhaps it came to a point that “comments” outgrown the cyber world. However, contrary to that sudden halt to “commenting” there remains to be many other reasons why WordPress, among all others, consider such effort as an essential element of online marketing.

It is for this reason that we have made this article because we would want to enlighten you why comments still matter these days. So we are giving you 10 reasons why comments matter in WordPress.

1.The Perfect Partner for Beginners

Blog comments are the right mode for bloggers who are starting up. It is very convenient when you want to know the audience and what they think about the contents, offers, products and services of your website.

2.More Practical Option

It is true that WordPress continue to find means to improve comment management and minimize spamming. But the trend of turning the comments off depends on a couple of reasons and needs; one of these is to guarantee the appropriate comments by community members. More often than not efforts to moderate spam become greater than the benefit relevancy of conversations on the blog. But of course, an option is still given to those sites where interaction is not that vital: to turn the comments off then again, not all websites share the same thing as a luxury.

3.Community Engagement

Blog entries are means to invite visitors to converse. It is a medium based on interactivity; hence the idea of leaving comments among readers became popular. This is the only feature that sets the medium apart from other informative websites.

4.Intrinsic Value

Building a community based on conversations and sharing of ideas are the result that fuels open comments. They are not utilities that allow blogs to a certain degree of maturity where you make it more enlightened. They are valuable. When people indulge in comments on your blog, it is an affirmation that your thoughts matter to others. You are showing to the world that you value the crowd involved in the stream, which in turn creates a community—a connection. In the long run, it will help in making you a name-recall.

5.Consistency and Spontaneity

Although comments can be done in other medium like in social media, the conversation created here are only effective for a short time which disappears before you know it. In blog comments, conversations happen in a single place, meaning that you can track it, save it and boost it. The quality is not changed but rather it is enhanced. You can even have the opportunity to interact with the brilliant minds in the industry and correspond off-the-blog.

6.Comment is forever

Blog is your home online. You can share anything and everything in your entries. It is forever. You own it. You can preserve the conversations you have shared with your connections. No one can take that away from you. What is more, it is a two-way street as well. It is not only you who benefit from all these. The person at the other side of the world which you share your thoughts with may have been changed because of your correspondence. He can even get back to months of your comment entries for clarifications and further enlightenment.

7.You’re Not Lost in Translation

Blog comments are means for you give out some ideas and knowledge. This is a bit scary to some. But what can you lose when you are keeping the communication alive through your words and thoughts. This is also a good way to combat spamming and moderate your comments. You can easily spot the odd one out once you indulge yourself in comments.

8.Big Picture Unfolds

Having a Blog post is just a part of the bulk. The even intriguing and edgy part of the process comes from your comments because through it the climax unfolds. Since a lot of people are more of a “commenter” than a “writer,” fresh ideas are channelled. A different angle of a story suddenly emerged. This is a healthy and creative way of article creation.

9.Advantageous than Traditional News

You cannot find comments in traditional newspapers. With this, any citizen is given the chance to correct mediocrity and misinformation by offering what is the missing link in the picture. With this, you may be able to appreciate the all-encompassing perspective of a story and create an intriguing end to it.


You are giving yourself a treat to an enchanting escapade whenever you leave comments on blogs. Of course the pain of getting used to spam is already there but for all you know the exchange of views and the real communication can be gems brought into your life. After all, it is the readers who make everything about your blog worth it. You can never go wrong with them.

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