5 Strategies for Effective Video Campaign Online

Videos are very important tools to engage audience and increase online traffic. The danger however is when poorly done can lead to total havoc and devastation on your marketing campaign. So now that is settled we need to ask you this: where does your video campaign strategy is leading you? Is it to the path of success or the path of no return? With that, we give you these 5 strategies for effective video campaign online to guide you on such endeavour.

1.Self-Host Videos – A Must or a Must-Not

There are both advantages and disadvantages when you decide to self-host videos. For the perks we have: direct links pointing to your site and easy branding. Drawbacks include storage costs, limited viewing potential and server straining. However, the boon and bane of self-hosting is not a one-size-fits-all scenario, as experts would put it. Then again it remains a fact that hybrid strategies work well when you are hosting on a third party website. So in order to achieve success you need to: first, place mini videos on platforms like YouTube and lengthy version of which on your website. Second, HD versions must be contained on your site as YouTube has the tendency to compress videos. Third, put relevant contents alongside your videos to create interactivity with visitors. Finally, place the same video on your website and on YouTube for strategic titling, video sitemapping and keyword priority. Also, it is equally important that you know what strategy will work for your campaign because everything depends on your product/service, site contents, objectives—and budget.

2.Pros and Cons of Video Platforms

This one is a very tricky strategy to work on as there are so many video platforms that can do the job with you. For this blog entry, we will use YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia. So let us discuss the perks and drawbacks of the three. First, Youtube. It provides the budget-friendly option but the greatest number of viewers as it is a widely-used third party video website today. Second, Vimeo. This one provides quality and customized video options for you as it incorporates style and functionality. Third, Wistia, which is more for those who want to level up. But of course no one could stop you if you will use these three altogether.

3.Video Optimization

Now it is time to optimize but how do you execute that? In order for your video to go viral, you need a little dose of Search Engine Optimization or SEO but before you indulge on that you must see first that your video is very engaging to audiences before you persuade them to watch and patronize it. To do that you must follow these lessons: first, make your video titles as compelling as possible to prompt someone to watch and share it. Second, on-page content around your videos will help in the rankings. Third, relevant links from relevant sites and social media shares influence your video rankings. Fourth, timing. Fifth, be careful with mass posting as this can ruin your rank and your reputation.

4.Revenue Generation with Videos

You can generate income with videos either directly through ads and syndication, or indirectly through awareness building and people-driven efforts to your site. The first is actually quantifiable while the second is obviously not at all. So which of these is the right option for you to do? Well, let us start first on the video type you are producing because this is the key so you can get great audience size through ads. However, if you want it to be more realistic, the indirect way of generating revenues would be best.

5.An Advice for Caution

Your online video strategy must be endless—unlimited. You must define it. Remember that a video would not reach an objective or audience without you knowing where they go or what they actually are. You must also remember that video is not easy to produce or that it is cheap. So you should know by now that this particular campaign is not for everyone.

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