20 Interesting Facts About Social Media Stats

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Have you ever wonder how social media affects your daily life? that instead of doing many productive stuff, we spent many hours in front of our computers doing online stuff like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and others? Social media has change the way you converse and make friends with other people, changes the level of your productivity at work or at most it changes your daily time schedule that you are actually used of for so many years of your existence.

Most of us are actually not aware of these rapid changes lately, since we enjoy and love it this way, but perhaps you want to know how the growth of social media users changes everything we do outside the comfort of our screens.

Take a look at the items below, I will show you an interesting Infographic stat about social media and how literally it has changed our daily routines and time schedule:

  1.  The largest percent of social media users are people aging 18-29 years old and it is rapidly increasing from just 16% to 86% in a span of 3 years.
  2. 1.15 billion of our population is registered and active user of Facebook
  3. There are over 300 million unique visitors on Facebook daily
  4. 63.46% of social media users are addicted to Facebook, 20.50% of it is hooked to YouTube and the rest of the percentage is divided to other social networks.
  5. 93% of businesses is using social media to market their businesses
  6. Facebook, Twitter and Google are the top social media sites that marketers use for their businesses
  7. Every registered user of Facebook spends about a minimum of 16 hours per month checking their accounts
  8. Almost 4,000 images are uploaded to social media sites every minute
  9. Almost 3 million of today’s website is connected to Facebook
  10. Facebook users share 30 billion contents per month from different sites to Facebook
  11. Almost 4.2 billion Facebook users access their account through mobile devices
  12. Registered and non-registered YouTube fans generates over 90 billion views every month excluding those embedded to other websites and videos viewed from mobile phones and other devices
  13. Facebook users install over 20 million apps everyday
  14. YouTube viewers spend a total of 3 billion hours per month watching different videos, which is an equivalent of about 350,000 years
  15. Wikipedia has 30 million articles collaboratively written by volunteers in 287 languages available for free
  16. There are over 1 billion Google+ registered users and they check their account at least once a day
  17. 23% of Facebook users checks their accounts at least 5 times a day
  18. Facebook users are posting over 6 million wall posts and 10 million comments in every 20 minutes period
  19. Twitter has over 500 million registered users, posting over 340 million tweets and handles 1.6 billion search queries per day
  20. Instagram has over 130 million registered users with over 16 billion photos uploaded already and in every second 8000 users like a photo


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