Wishlist Member Plugin Review – Case Study of a Membership Site

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wishlist member

What is Wishlist Member?

Wishlist Member is a plugin that can turn your WordPress sites into full-featured membership sites. This plugin is used by most of the huge membership websites today, it has many features and all-in solution for creating a complete and protected members only sites.

Wishlist Member Features

  • Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Integrates With Your WordPress Site
  • Flexible Membership Options
  • Easy Member Management
  • Sequential Content Delivery
  • Multi-Level Access
  • Total Content Protection
  • Control Viewed Content
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Subscription Length Control
  • Secure RSS Feeds
  • Custom Error Pages
  • “Sneak Peek” Content Display
  • Partial Content Display
  • Login Redirection
  • More Additional Features!

Why use Wishlist Member Plugin?

Membership site is a great way to drive extra online income for your established site. However, setting up a membership site may sound daunting for you but it can be easily done with Wishlist Member plugin on any WordPress powered websites.

Wishlist Member can help turn your websites into multilevel membership site instantly. You can maximize or minimize the privilege of each member according to how you want it and customize the access to your contents. You can manage your members lightning fast with Wishlist Member’s easy member management feature that will keep track of your members’ activity.

Case Study: Vectordiary.com

In this case study, I will show you how I have used Wishlist Member plugin for a membership site to make an income. Vector Diary is an Adobe Illustrator blog which has lots of useful free tutorials. Designers who are interested in learning more advanced skills can purchase the premium membership to learn more. 1 new premium tutorial is added a month and a member who has subscribed, can access all premium tutorials. The setup was very simple, I just installed the Wishlist plugin and setup my membership levels and payment method.

wishlist member vectordiary

How Wishlist Member Plugin Works?

Wishlist Member plugin can help protect your content and only show contents to registered members. You can provide sneak peek content display for contents that are only viewable to members. You can also create different levels of membership so that different membership levels can only access different contents. As for the case for vectordiary.com, readers have to sign up as a member to download source files and premium tutorials. This is a great way to get readers to sign up as a member.

wishlist member levels

Easy Integration with WordPress Websites

Aside from helping your site become a fully automated membership site, Wishlist Member will also give you the opportunity to integrate this plugin to any existing WordPress sites of your choice. The system and structure of Wishlist Member is WordPress friendly, so no worries in turning your old WordPress sites into a membership site.


Member Sign-ups Management

When members of your site keeps increasing, you will surely lose track of every sign-up, but with the help of Wishlist Member, you can do this quite easy. You can view your member’s status after their sign-ups anytime and their chosen membership level can be easily modified. You can easily upgrade or move members to different levels according to your choice or to your member’s options. Wishlist Member can also add high restrictions on sign-ups, you may pause or delete any members of your website. This is one great feature of this plugin as it minimizes spam users and fake member accounts.

wishlist member plugin

Integrate Payment options

If your sites are offering premium membership levels that has different corresponding amounts, safe payment options is one factor you should focus yourself into. With Wishlist Member’s shopping cart integration, you can choose what payment options to integrate. You can choose any of the top shopping cart systems like Paypal, Clickbank and many more.

wishlist integration


Wishlist Member is one of the easiest plugins to integrate with any new and existing sites. Your site will be up and running in minutes packed with all the features you will need for building membership site with a very solid framework. Just unzip and upload!

Email Broadcast

One of the coolest feature of Wishlist Member compared with other membership plugins is the Email broadcast feature. You know how expensive (~$29/month) it can get for sending emails using email autoresponder to 1,000 subscribers. Especially for new online start ups, every cent counts. But with Wishlist Member plugin you can send out as many emails as your like to your subscribers without paying extras. This is a the easiest way to generate extra cash from your mailing list.

wishlist member email broadcast

Support and Documentation

You will be guided of anything you need to know, from the simplest details to the highest possible instructions. You can have access to detailed support guides, customer center and with 30+ Wishlist Member training videos to help you every step of the way.

Personally, I have emailed Wishlist Members more than 5 times for support on advanced features for Wishlist Member plugin and the support team have always tried their best to answer my queries.

Wishlist Member Pricing Plans

Compared to hiring a developer to create a membership plugin from scratch which would cost more than $1,000, at $97 this plugin is considered a catch. If you are not satisfied, it has a 30-days money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose. You can choose between Single-Site License for as low as $97 or choose their Multi-Site License for $297 which will give you the privilege to use Wishlist Member into unlimited numbers of domain, onetime fee.

Notable Proud Users of Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member is used and trusted by many membership business sites from different parts of the globe. Check out the list of company/business sites that uses Wishlist Member in managing their members:

  • Vector Diary
  • WordPress 101
  • Wonderful Web Women
  • University of Makeup
  • The CBI Clubhouse
  • A Lists Blogging Boot Camps
  • Giant Schnauzer Club of America
  • My Year Without Clothes Shopping
  • Operation Pixie Dust
  • Flower Arranging 101
  • MUFON Central
  • Affiliate Blogger Pro
  • Best Small Business Online Marketing
  • JV List Building
  • Real Time Affiliate
  • Membership Cube
  • Start Blogging Today
  • Online Personal Fitness Trainers
  • Life Meets Work
  • CashMap


I am a bit biased in promoting Wishlist Member as I have used Wishlist Member for more than 3 years without any problems. Also I have spent a lot of time researching on the best membership plugin for my website. You will find every needed features in here for setting up your membership sites and not just that, it’s safe and reliable, so no worries in building your future membership sites. All in all, Wishlist Member is a plugin that I highly recommend for every membership sites out there.

Click here to buy Wishlist Member today!

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