Content Marketing Workflows – Taming Superfluity in 4 Effective Ways

Have you outgrown your content marketing efforts? Do you think that the activities you have done so far are the exact same thing of all the rest?

Technically, if your assessment is correct, this phenomenon you are experiencing is a series of workflows we have discussed in some of our previous posts in our blog. To refresh your memory, this collection of workflows is, at process level, there are no changes from a blog post to the other then campaign to campaign though it may make a lot of difference. For purposes of this blog entry, let us know first what workflows are.

1. Workflows as Game Changer

Workflows are regarded as this because as you change the way you think about your tasks in content marketing. Hence, you think about it simply as a simple or loose collection then chances are you will have different results and expectancy.
In all respects, workflows are just the usual task sequence where your activity gets completed. The operative word in knowing workflows is that it is a “regular sequence.” In effect, if you have regular sequence, you will have activities where you can train someone to be more efficient and perform the task as if it was you who is working on it.

2. Check out your Workflow blog post

Now can you check the difference between merely following on your blog post and publishing one? In the latter case, you simply sit down, write the blog and then publish. Without the idea of a workflow, the usual process would depend on what mostly you remember; feel or have time to do your tasks.

The usual workflow that is done for your blog post starts with the review of your content research, drafting of your posts, copy editing, blog post optimization, review of past work, writing of content for promotion in social media and publishing of post. After publication, you have to make a link of your previous posts in your current blog entry; share it on your social network and make a review after three days of your analytics.

3. Make Content Workflows for Marketing

Some people who are this stage are usually overwhelmed by the extent and manner of creating workflows as well as the things that you must do. On this note, what are the usual tools that you must use? What are the lists needed for you to do? How long will you be using it?

4. Simple and Essential Steps

You need to remember that your workflows are already inside your head. Hence, you must get them out and make the proper executions. Then from there, follow the checklists. Also, your strategies matter insofar as your strengths and marketing are concerned because as you grow you tend to expand your workflow and alter the decisions about your strategies. It is better of course to start with easy, simple and short workflows so you can consistently perform all of them. Thereafter, you must begin with activities so you can build and perform them frequently. This is true if your business is new. You can create a workflow in a weekly basis until you have all of them for such activities.

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