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wordpress themeWordPress themes are templates to the wordpress site. It is like your ipone skin cover which you can customize and change it to suit your taste. The wordpress theme controls how you layout looks and some themes even provide a theme options in the dashboard so that you can easily customize your site and choose your logo without changing the theme code. WordPress comes with a default theme named Twenty Ten as shown at the side. It looks pretty dull and boring, so we will look for a new WordPress Theme.

Go to this site and choose your favorite theme and download it.

Steps to Install New WordPress Theme

  1. Login to your FTP and browse to /public_html/wp-content/themes
  2. Unzip your new theme and upload the folder to this directory
  3. Login to WordPress Dashboard (
  4. Go to Appearance > Themes
  5. Activate your new theme

Buying WordPress Premium Themes

If you are just creating a simple personal blog or creating a hobby site, the free themes will be sufficient for you. However, if you are creating a business site or thinking of using the website to place banner ads or Adsense code to generate money, I will strongly advise your to purchase a premium wordpress theme. Here are some good reasons why spending $50 on a premium themes will bring in $500 in the long run. Treat it as an investment for your website startups.

  • Premium themes are aesthetically designed and this makes your website look more professional
  • Premium themes are frequently updated to work with the latest WordPress version so that your theme will not break after updrading WordPress. By purchasing a premium theme, you can enjoy lifetime updates of the theme. Wherease for free themes, they are usually not update to work with the latest WordPress version
  • For free WordPress themes, you will be required to place a footer link to link to the author site. With premium themes, you are not obliged to place the footer link
  • Premium themes offer support when installing. So if you can’t get the widget to show up or remove certain things, you can always send them an email to ask for help
  • With Premium themes, the site architecture is designed by a professional and some are SEO optimized so that your site can rank high for keywords you are targeting. This helps to bring in more sale.
  • Some premium themes offer a theme options panel which you can control your navigation, theme color, widgets, slideshow and many more. This makes the theme highly customizable.

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