the most popular web services to create social media traffic automatically

7 Most Popular Social Media Network that Generate Buzz


Traffic is the only reason why blogs stay alive and running on the web. Generally speaking, the more traffic that reaches a blog then the more opportunity to generate money. Each day, bloggers constantly think of creative ways to generate more traffic into the blog. New ways are targeted to reach the traffic goal in a week, month or year. This is where social media sites come in handy. Social media sites provide the best way to generate traffic but not all of them are golden.

Enhance Traffic through Social Media Networks:

1. RSS Feeds – Contrary to popular belief, RSS feeds are vital to every blog. Promote it as much as possible. Get the maximum number of clicks on a single link by getting other websites to display your RSS feeds. All thanks to social media distribution platforms that automatically post content to social networking profiles, you don’t have to put in the extra effort after publishing a new post on the blog. 2. SEO Tools – Search engine optimization tools still reel in a number of visitors to the blog via social media. This has long been the most popular technique in generating traffic. Mixing SEO with social media doubles the site traffic. Example: Facebook fan pages allow linking to the main site which drives traffic both to the links found on the fan page to the main blog. 3. Social Groups – Participating in forums, discussions and social groups has quite the effect. People would tend to notice how you constantly engage in discussions thus they would automatically search for you and your blog in the hopes of finding out more useful information.

1. Facebook


  • With over 850 million and growing users, it’s not surprising that blog owners would own a Fan page on this social media site.

2. Twitter


  •  Registered with over 465 million accounts, Twitter makes it easy to share and spread links across nationwide users.

3. Google+


4. LinkedIn


  • Site that spreads word about the blogger, their skills and their blog.

5.  Reddit


  • Social community sites such as Reddit receive over 2 billion views in a month which makes it the best site to help spread links for more traffic.

6. StumbleUpon


  • Same as Reddit, a social community site that generates more traffic.

7. Pinterest


  • Social media site that makes use of a pin-board system that bookmarks images linked to a certain website. Users can re-pin images that promotes sharing and interaction ultimately leading to increased traffic.

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