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20 Aug

5 Reasons to be an Online Content Creator Today

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digital creator
Software has made everything possible today—especially in terms of content. As of this writing, I am using a powerful machine, about the size of a magazine. On it are tools which help me to collaborate, publish, record and edit my files i.e. videos, movies, articles. I can even publish it live on the web or through a podcast. Indeed, everything is made possible with software in hand.

On that note, we are making this article of the top 5 reasons for the rise of digital content creators to give you an overview of what has become of life—and more because of this age of technology.

1. The powerful pair

It is a funny twist of fate how software has come to life. Suddenly, this innovation has shouldered economic growth. However, as time goes by new technology comes a demand for experts and professionals to help the average Joe understand the essence of power that made all these possible. Surprisingly, the demand makes what we think as useless geeks to be hotshot in tech companies. These companies are simply making creativity overpower over empathy and diplomacy.
digital content power

2. Devising content routing

You must understand that software developers are critical people because of their capacity to automate each and every task you can think of. And because of this, software engineers become an in-demand subject because with them you can focus on the things that matters.

For instance, most of us took about some wee hours to use a platform for website creation that is readily SEO-optimized, beautiful and mobile responsive. But these days you can simply upload a theme, tweak it and voila a stellar online subject is right before your eyes! All the hard work is not burdened by you because all the coding system has already been taken away. With this, you can just focus on what really matters: writing.
digital content routing

3. Time is on your hands

Digital creators like photographers, writers, graphic designers, gamers, video producers and podcasters or collectively known as today’s creative professionals. Today you can create content through your own space—at your own time. Then you can share it or sell it to the entire world! Hail thee technology!
digital content time

4. The constant content rave

Don’t you ever think that the demand for content is not here to stay. Actually, it is. And in fact, content marketing as an industry has transformed into a multi-billion industry which makes content creation a job you should not ignore.

The fact is everything goes with the job that we are thinking beside all the point. This is why this particular industry is insatiable. You can work to your heart’s content without worrying of becoming jobless any moment thereon. Stability is just among the perk you will get from content creation. Digital content creation, that is.
digital content rave

5. Take note

Remember this if you are a content creator: entrepreneurs and digital creators are carving the best time of their lives and on terms that is surely where success thrives thanks to the great minds behind these all! Long live digital contents!
digital content note

18 Aug

10 Goals in Content Marketing Worth the Try

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content marketing
Online content marketing is the key why some businesses become successful. In fact, the web world has introduced “content is king” as a cliché over the past years. However, contrary to what has been spread such cliché is not true—it can never be. Ever wonder why some great content marketing does not seem to bring some businesses to their goal? Well, truth is, even how terrific the content is if it is not coupled with other business elements it will not work.

In order for your online content to work magic, you must first start understanding your goals both for marketing and business. Then you can start creating contents i.e. blog entries, ebooks, podcast, email marketing, advertising, etc. that represents such goals. On the other hand, if you are enterprising on your personal blog, you can still bank on your creative self-expressive type of writing.

Then again if you are banking on a business website, your content must have a framework based on strategies, timing and hardwork. Hence, we have formulated this 10 goals in content marketing worth the try to help you.

1. Build audience connections

For your first goal, you must start by establishing trust and rapport among your audience. This is rather apparent when you are into content marketing but more so a brilliant idea. By creating useful, persuasive and interesting content, your audience will be able to trust you. They will know for themselves that you know the subject of your write-up. Also, they can be able to tell the kind of personality that you have.
content marketing audience

2. Persuade prospects

The next goal is for you to build attraction with your audience and that they should know you are remarkable. Your content must be that effective so it can attract social media, links and audience conversation. You need to achieve this so that other people will find you. With your content, you should be able to find a steady stream of prospects to keep the revenues coming.
persuade content

3. Explore the concept of “solutions”

Basically, this goal pertains to that which most businesses these days explore: solving audience problems. They thrive to solve certain problems like health problems, money problems, business problems, etc. Hence, when you are able to understand what your target’s problems are, you will know how to help and connect them. With this, you will know the main idea to write for your marketing message.

With this goal, you are able to have a buffer for the future. You are able to strategize and visualize on the problems that your prospect will experience and then provide solutions for it.
explore solutions

4. Drawing the line

This goal pertains to your execution—illustrating of benefits. In the previous item, you have learned that digging up problems will help you big time but by executing how to will make you bigtime.

Solutions are mainly those which fix a particular problem. They come in the form of techniques, tricks, tips, methods and approaches. If you run a particular business, you establish something on your problem in the market. Your approach will be the lifeblood of your content efforts. Remember, persuasion is still a key here, you need to show them not just tell them.
draw line content

5. Keep an eye for problems

You must understand that your prospect is in search ways to get a solution to their problem but of course like you they are watching out for more possible problems. A well-researched and strategic content is a brilliant idea to address objections of your target audience. The fact is they do not have the reasons for buying.

Is the price a main point? Write a content that shows how you can implement the solutions and save money in the future. Do your customers think that you have a complicated product? Write one that can effortlessly show customers that yours is easy. Understand all those things in the mind of your target audience and from there solve it through your own creative ways.
content marketing eye

6. Stories in pictures

Experts believe that another secret to content marketing success is the capacity of the content to be incorporated with images that compels audience interest and attention. With this approach, it is as if you are creating another image with the words you are weaving. The same is true in ads.

Storytelling is among the strategies of superb contents nowadays and it is the best idea to try out this particular goal on your contents. Use this to show the perks of your product, service or brand.
content goals pictures

7. Attract partners

Successful blogs and websites you know today did not achieve success overnight. Usually the start was rough and hard but with calibre contents it was able to attract partners that help it in revenue-generation. From there, the company evolved and so does the partnerships which complement both skills and strengths of each other. It is safe therefore to conclude that partnerships are the ideal way to move towards your goal. When you are passionate about contents, find what is best to your business.
content goals attract partners

8. Expand with existing clients

This is a favourite item because every company wants to attract customers. But the growth is usually with the customers who have been with you all these time. It is said that the hallmark of every business is referrals, which you can improve by communicating with your clients nowadays.

With this, you can create memorable experiences from the loyal people around you. Make your services, products and brand as user-friendly as possible.
content goals expand with clients

9. Develop new ideas

The stream of your content is the perfect place of trying new business ideas. Repositioning, selling proposition, etc. You can get content ideas to check people’s reaction. You can see what drives people to excitement and what fizzles them out. Remember that content is a low-risk and amazing way of trying new ideas while exerting little risk.
content goals develop ideas

10. Reputation building

The best avenue for this is through search engines. Many content marketers seem to think however that this is the primary reason why they are creating their content. But if the goal is not right, SEO will be a major problem. This is because search engines will only think you are valuable if readers will reciprocate on your contents.
content goals stories

17 Aug

10 Persuasive Ways to Pre-Sell Your Brand Online

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online preselling
Marketing a brand, product and service is easier when you have a solid pre-selling strategy in mind. To further understand this idea of pre-selling, it is best that you read this blog entry we have prepared for you.

1. Think like a Shopper

…but a shopper walking your way around the supermarket. In this particular place, you are going to see some fella offering product samples on some aisles for you. There are times when these people look off as they just stand on the corner with their products at hand—ice cream, sausage, wine, etc.—while waiting for people to see what they have to offer and walk away to return to their shopping.

This perhaps is a common thing to keep supermarket customers happy as they shop around. Of course, this works both ways. If the shoppers are happy, the company of that product promotion is likewise happy. The product sample is the key to increase sales dramatically.
preselling shopper

2. What makes a sample great?

Samples represent a tidbit of your brand (your work) and yourself. For example, if you are selling a particular brand of soap then you must understand that the sample of that product is not only the soap but the reason behind why you created it in the first place.

In the case of books, content samples offer an overview of your work to your reader not just how you write but likewise what you represent and who you are as the author.

Remember that your client has no idea of your product, service and brand and so to establish connection with them samples will be a great idea to give them a new perspective of what you are marketing to them.
preselling great

3. The importance of sampling

You should understand that sampling is the most amazing idea of all! But the idea of sampling is weaved from many years back that most people think that the concept is already underrated. So you must take a deep breath first and absorb if you truly want to indulge with the idea of sampling.
preselling samples

4. The pressure of discounts

STOP. The idea of product/brand sampling is the discount madness. Actually, offering one will vary. Truth is, the sample gives away your profits. You should choose to stop such madness. In turn, samples can a different mode even at a high cost. Discounts will just hinder you from gaining more profits than you deserve.
preseeling discount madness

5. Increase the awareness

Habit, as humans we have this nature of adapting to something then turn it to a habit. With sampling, a habit can be broken. Your brand sample will be able force your brain to set your eyes on a particular goal. Focus. And this will show once you have noticed the sudden change from your target audience, that is, if indeed the brand that stands your product or service is just as good as you think. This means that your target audience will not only come back for more of your brand but all that it represents.
preselling awareness increase

6. Introducing the lateral growth

Lateral growth is actually the effect mentioned in item #5. It is such growth brought about by good brand sampling. It is that where your prospect recognizes your offers, products or service from the rest despite the competition. It is as if that they can already link anything to your brand that they keep on coming back for more.
preselling lateral growth

7. Content marketing’s role

Content does a bit or two for your brand sampling. They somehow chop the odd ones from the not so that it will leave you with one that is pure and refined. This only means that you are simply giving the highlights of your brand to your audience to captivate their attention.
preselling content marketing

8. Final sale made less scary

With sampling, the risk of making a purchase is low but on a different perspective. It is done first by giving away your story, philosophy, business, etc. Although this may mean a lot of work, you have to look at what it can do to you in the end. Pre-selling will cut your work equally to half and allow you to earn more than enough!
preselling sale

9. Take our advice and you’ll see

Some of the pre-sellers these days begin in advance; some six or seven months earlier. Some even at one year. We do not advice the weekly pre-selling scheme as the process and results will not be helpful on your end. On our end, we want it slow yet steady, sure and consistent insofar as building up your brand. Indeed, sampling is one of the best methods to achieve the exposure you want your brand to have. Well, the other two will be discussed in a separate blog post entry so watch out for it!
presellign advice

10. It’s up to you

At the end of the day, it is all up to you. Now that we have given you the idea, it is your turn whether to follow or not. Remember that customer tends to think before they purchase. Pre-selling something to them through your samples will surely entice them. And get back to us once you did not make that sale after reading this.
preselling up to you

17 Aug

5 Money-Making Ideas in Developing an Online Support Network for Professionals

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online support network
For years, the idea of Professional Support Network has remained a silent and soft subject among online business practitioners. Little did we know that such concept can be a brilliant idea insofar as establishing connections in the community. The sphere of minds that comprise such support network can be a source of advice, support or even encouragement during the most difficult and toughest problem you have in mind.

Online Support Network for Professionals are comprise of freelancers, authors, consultants, business owners, web developers, etc. With their ideas combined, you can devise your own—original and unique—concept in online marketing.

In this article, we will lay it all down to you… The benefits and all… Here are the 7 money-making ideas in developing an online support network for professionals.

1. The Essence of an Online Support Network

One of the benefits of developing an online support network is that it helps you in your dreams to be successful. The network, should it comprise of freelancers, start-ups, authors and entrepreneurs, to show you feasible aspects of the industry and what are attainable among them. Also, the same people can influence you to succeed by following their footsteps. Imagine all the tips that you will be getting from no less veterans of the industry?
online support network

2. Allied Counteraction and Formation

By now, you have already realized the perks and drawbacks of a home-based profession. Being the man/woman of your time is so great that seem not to counter any available job therein. However, the thing about this is that you tend to feel isolated as time goes by. Perhaps you have been working all throughout the day (or even at night) or that you have not changed your clothes the entire day.

The perfect antidote for this is a professional support network that is near your area. You can arrange for a meet-up with that person or simply just ask him/her for some small talk or coffee or just to have someone to hangout with. That local friend of yours can drive you out of your house and to the real world—eventually to establish connections.
alliance professional network

3. Establishing Rapport with the Mastermind

Caveat: this tip should be short. Your support network is a great venue to start building support relationships with the brightest minds in the industry. Are you looking for a mentor, a group or a partner? Go form a professional network now.
establishing rapport

4. Connection and Encouragement

Now have we convinced you already? Well, if we did, we have scouted the coolest places where you can start making connections for your support network.

First, connect using the social media i.e. Facebook and LinkedIn are great places to start. Second, look for network within your family circle, colleagues and friends. Third, forum discussions are common; try and participate on those portals. Finally, meetup groups or the so-called in-person networking in your locality.

Are you an introvert? You can start by making connections through email or simply social media. Any personality should fit in this particular endeavour.
professional encouragement

5. Continuous Content Marketing Education

Besides connections, you will be able to achieve a certain degree of authority with your networking community. With this, you can be able to get the phenomenal opportunities and connection support all across your home office.

Questions, queries and problems will never be a problem with you. You can channel and network them with your content marketers and together you will be able to make alliances where you can form strategies. You can even continue to stay in close touch with them insofar as the trends and techniques of your clients. And if you are learning more skills, you will never experience being burnt out or become bored.

Of course, this way, the learning process is endless!
professional network education

13 Aug

Visual Branding – 5 New Ways to the Top

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visual branding
Series and trilogies have been a trend in the entertainment industry today. There is a lot of crazy stuff going on when we see them that we get hooked by the mere sight of them. Take for example the fad about Star Wars. Almost all of us have seen this movie. But more than the fact that it is an interesting piece of entertainment nevertheless there is something more than that.

Star Wars is among those with an established visual brand. Both the lead and the villains project distinct personalities that even after watching the trilogy will stay behind.

That is what visual branding can do. Learning from Star Wars, we can conclude that branding should be simple yet enticing—the perfect balance. In this entry, we are going to discuss all about visual branding, its importance and tips on staying on top.

1. The Essence of Visual Branding

Competition is tough on the Internet. You can see them all the time in just a click away. Hence, it is essential that you maintain such degree of presence for retention. You want to persuade people and capture their attention so they can immediately engage with the content. But is it enough?

Visual branding per se is not enough. Truth is, it would not make any of your product or service marketable. In establishing this, you need to have connections with the audience on various and distinct levels. It is about you can be able to make them relate to your story and then convert it to the best customer satisfaction.
visual branding

2. Establish Principles

A brand tells a story. For you to do this, you need to put it to words. First, define what you would like your brand to represent. Who is your audience? Create a profile of your prospects. You can create a map of your words and concepts that describes your product brand. Second, make a board filled with stock photos, screenshots, colors, typography, and all the things that you like so you can visualize a concept of your brand. Remember that it should encompass all the principles of your brand. This will be your reminder every time you want to make a visual piece.

Now look at your website. Is it the perfect execution to the board and map you just created?
visual branding principles establish

3. Create visually appealing patterns

Patterns help in keeping the consistency of your visual branding. Both colors and typography are important key elements that you must start defining first. Once you have figured out which is the best do not alter them time and again. Also, don’t forget to be specific.

Then you can further expand and make some tweaking with your certain visual elements concerning your layout i.e. spacings, imagery, paddings, iconography, margins, etc.

In case you want an existing visual pattern to be improved like your front page, it is a good idea that you think of something you unique for that page. This particular aspect of your website should be the “call to action” part of your page.
At the end of your efforts, you will see what a solid and powerful branding you have just created. This will set you apart from the rest.
visual branding appealing patterns

4. Keepsake Visual Branding

Preserving and maintaining your visual brand are two different concepts. One is referring to a lifetime commitment while the other pertains to consistency insofar as your products and services unified on your website. For this purpose, you must create a guideline written on document for certain visual elements. Here you need to include the basics i.e. logo, colors, iconography, fonts, imagery.

Complete the information for the said basic criteria so this will be your guide book FOREVER. Yes, your team and colleagues will be using the same material too. Just continue and collaborate with them.
keepsake branding

5. Building a striking brand

Now that you have contemplated on the things written above, allow us to ask you these: where does your brand go from here? What is its current status? Does it make a connection at a glance?

Think. Be creative. Innovate.
build striking brand

11 Aug

Cloud Servers: The Real, the Myths and the Facts

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cloud servers
Since the advent of cloud servers, a lot of people have been confused about it. Suddenly the hype as to this particular cloud has been a household name insofar as technology is concerned.

There are a lot means to understand the cloud. Generally, it is that which is referred to when you are hosting some data via the web. This is far from the traditional servers you found and stored in a server room or kept in a small closet-type area. These are not what cloud is about because they are within a network—your network—and not hosted on the Internet. But once you took those servers and migrate them to several virtual servers on the web in a data center then that is what cloud servers are about.

Cloud servers are powerful virtual environments which were made within a strong cluster of servers. They carry benefits that are not offered within the scope of dedicated servers.

Now let us discuss further what are the real, the myths and facts about cloud servers.

1. Fad vs Old Concept

There are those who think that the idea of cloud servers is merely a fad and that the term is new to all of us. However, there is no truth to that. In fact, the concept was already introduced in the late 90s as cloud computing, which is technically referring to the Internet itself. Since then cloud computing evolved to what it is now. And oh, it is here to stay! Experts predict that by last year, over 80% Fortune 1000 companies will be investing for this particular cloud computing form.
cloud server old

2. Vulnerable vs Secured

Contrary to what others speak about the cloud being vulnerable to cyber breaches, security has never been this great with the cloud. It is therefore not true to conclude that since cloud software makes use of low-end computing methods it already equates with minimal security. Nevertheless, the bottom-line depends on the provider you become partner with. And so far, large cloud environments have become more secure every day.
cloud security

3. Complexity vs Simplicity

It is absolutely false to say that the cloud is a complex endeavour. The truth is they are the easiest thing on this planet as compared to VPS and dedicated servers. They are manageable and easy to setup. What is more, it allows minimum supervision which means that you can just leave all the work to your online portal or control panel. The same performs all the work and after which you will be able to receive information on your account.
cloud server simplicity

4. De-coding vs Easy coding

It is obviously a myth to think that you will be rewriting your codes before you use your cloud hosting. As a matter of fact, there are cloud host providers which have built complicated platforms that require you to change or alter the code so they can function properly. However, there are cloud which are like dedicated servers in built hence, you are able to upload codes as easy as if you are uploading it on a website.
cloud server decoding

11 Aug

The 5 Truths of Web Hosting Cost

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wordpress costing
A single soul on this planet would not love to pay additional costs for a particular product or service. This is true while we make our transactions via the web. We are always in search for competitive pricing and knowing a number of web suppliers on stiff competition.

Web Hosting should be affordable. For those who choose cheap hosting to maximize profit reach, this is already a recurring cost. For these people low-cost hosting will give them full website potential than to spend a fortune over it.

To stay in the game, web hosting these days offer their services at super low prices for diverse hosting packages including shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. But be careful, price is not the true measure here.

Keep in mind that hosting companies should not dwell too much on the profit. Whenever your hosting providing is earning enough on hosting revenues alone, they will search for means so they can have additional fees and charges.

So, we made this entry as to the real deal in hosting service costs. This article will reveal the 5 common ways for most hosting service in making a lucrative endeavour. Also, you will learn the things that makes it worth it for investment.

1. Pay Only Those That Matters

As the search is on for the different hosting services, it is ordinary to come across companies that charge expensive fees at one-off terms for both setup and web configuration. To some extent, this is a win-win situation. Besides, compared to shared hosting, this is rather quick and manageable.
But with the hype in web hosting service, so many hosting providers are competing to win your attention. Hence, it is a bad idea to pay on installation. You should remember that your service provider is more than happy that you have landed on their bait!

On the average, setup fees for web hosting depend on whether it is shared, VPS or dedicated servers. The price you must consider is between $10-$25 for shared; $30-$50 for VPS and $100+ for dedicated.

Choose a provider that does not have setup charges so you can do away with such expense before you start using the hosting plan. The best providers have systems which automatically deploy new accounts, and although performing some manual techniques, you must not be hassled with fees on that.
wordpress setup fees

2. Know the Terms Before Signing

Pre-termination fees is another web hosting fee that you must do away from, and you can only do that if you are very careful at the start of negotiations. This kind of fees is a hindrance to the growing change of your business. What is more, it is an added expense on your end.
As you may have notice, hosting plans usually offer a monthly or yearly basis insofar as payment terms are concerned. There are even providers that offer longer terms at a time. Pre-terminating your hosting package will mean losing the money you initially paid plus the burden of added fees for cancelling before the contract is up.

In order to prevent this, choose a web hosting company that features a money-back guarantee. The trend among companies is that they have this at 14, 30 and 90 days long to get a full refund of you money.

Doing away with a one-off fee for pre-terminations plus a money-back guarantee, you are on your way to online success!
web hosting contract

3. Usage Fees and Your Growth

As you decide on purchasing a hosting service, it already comes with unique key resources which include the RAM, CPU and bandwidth. These hardware resources are being used so that every time a visitor requests a data from your website, you can be able to store both files and folders on the given storage space provided by these.
When you choose shared hosting, you are allowed to use a certain amount of power for your hardware. But it is hard to for hosting providers to enforce certain restrictions on these. Exceeding on the prescribed allowance as a result of the resource-intensive or traffic content will mean additional costs.

The thing about these additional fees is that they go with hidden fees. There are hosting providers that charge fees that are double (or even triple) the amount to punish their customers on top of earning income.

It is hard for webmaster to estimate accurately on how these resources will be used. Websites do not improve on a straightforward manner. So be wary on the abrupt increases on traffic alongside the unexpected increase on your bills at the end of each month.

To be assured that your hosting plan will give you the same amount, choose an unlimited plan for your shared hosting. With unlimited plans, you are allowed to confidently improve your website, with the ease of power you need.
web hosting fees

4. The Best Should Be Priceless

There are web hosting packages that offer their expertise with a cost. And sadly, the costs are high when you ask them for help. If you encounter problems with your plan, an advice from them does not come for free.

While majority of hosting companies offer technical support via email or ticket systems, these methods tend to be slow and takes days for processing. Hence, you must look for the experts in this area who offer this alongside their web hosting service. Check whether your provider delivers customer support in different combo of methods like telephone support and toll-free numbers for customer inquiries.

It is already given that when you need help you should not be able to get additional cost for it. The best companies make support the best part of service you are paying for each month.
web hosting priceless

5. Hosting Plans should be Affordable

If you are using your website to earn a living, you must be consistent with the costs you project to have every month. With these, you can have an effective strategy for your business online success.
There are experienced providers out there that are committed to help customers in their businesses. Choose one that will make things easier for you while providing you with affordable services without the pain of hidden chargers.

Find one that will allow you to choose services which include unlimited shared hosting plans. Of course, it should already include free setup, comprehensive support, including ticketed help, phone assistance, etc.
Don’t forget you should find one which offers a line of contract periods with long-term contract discounts plus a money back guarantee!
affordable web hosting

11 Aug

10 Tips on How to Improve Turtle WordPress Blog

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improve slow wordpress blog
Wordpress is a widely-used platform of today’s generation. It is being used to by a lot of people for both their websites and blog (including this one). With WordPress, everything is amazingly easy and manageable. But the moment you install some plugins, import images on the database, your WordPress platform seem to slow down a bit.

As we all know, speed makes a lot of difference to your blog site or website. It is significant insofar as your ranks in search engines are concerned. Let’s take Google for example. This particular search engine makes use of “Spiders” to crawl the information on your blog or website. Also referred to as “robots,” they are the ones that search for links, unique keywords and other helpful information for your website to rank.

Aside from that, speed is likewise significant in terms of your visitors. Since a lot of users are making use of the web for information, they tend to skim through each page very quickly to check the information. If your page is slow, they will for another blog or website to scan.

Now let us go no further and discuss the 10 tips on how to improve a turtle wordpress blog.

1. Website Speed Testing

So that you will know whether or not you are on the right track, you need to conduct a website speed test first. You need to assess whether or not you are doing well on a particular search engine, especially in the eyes of Google. Perhaps you can make use of Google’s Page Speed Tool for this.
improve website speed testing

2. WordPress Backup

This is an easy thing to do because you only need the BackUp WordPress plugin. This particular plugin is easy to install and allows backup to your WordPress database in just a click away. You can even automatically set it for a daily back up schedule.
wordpress backup

3. Remove Old WordPress Plugins

In order to achieve the speed you want for your website, you must keep the number of plugins to a minimum. An increase number of WordPress plugin will result to web breakdown. Go over your website and check whether you have inactive plugins. When you have one, then you must remove them. You can reinstall them some time later should you really need them. Then update the rest.
remove old wordpress plugins

4. Delete Comments

Especially the old and unrelated or the spam ones. Delete them and get the unwanted data in your WordPress Database.
delete comments

5. Choose a Fast and Reliable Hosting Provider

WordPress resources are as intensive as other CMS system. Among the main contributors of slow speed is a very low hosting performance. Take note that Shared Hosting is being shared with a number of websites; the reason why it is cheap. This particular type of hosting is not perfect with websites that are database driven like WordPress. Dedicated or VPS Hosting servers will be best to choose. Also, cloud hosting is another one which we highly recommend.
improve wordpress hosting

6. Theme is Important

Choosing the proper theme is crucial because there are ones which are very slow and resource intensive. Check out some reviews and be sure that the one you choose fits your needs. You can find lot themes and you can learn a lot from them. It also includes built in features for Search Engine Optimization to help you with your rankings.
wordpress theme

7. Update your WordPress

An updated WordPress will not just help in speeding up your blog or website but it will also measure the extent of your onsite security. WordPress gives you a notification from your admin so you will be informed on the upgrade time. But before you do so, make sure you have made a backup first.
wordpress update

8. Image Update

It is very important that you set a limit on the image size you upload. Otherwise, it will incur more load time for users. Downloading would be hard as it is done through the servers of your webpage. So remember to compress and save them using JPG format.
image update

9. Use the Cache

This plugin is a great way to increase the speed of your WordPress site. It is a great idea because caching is done through WordPress plugin. They are customizable and simple to use. A standout in this area is the W3 Total Cache.
use the cache


CDN or Content Delivery Network is a server which allows you to download a large volume of image, etc. for your website into their global data centers worldwide. CloudFare is acing the race for good CDN. It is a great means to increase your WordPress website speed.

02 Aug

4 Better Ways to be an Effective Web Hosting Affiliate

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affiliate marketing
Much has already been said about the fad in web hosting affiliate. Sad to say most of them does not speak of the real deal. From our view point, becoming an affiliate of an online hosting company will not make you an instant millionaire—it takes a lot of hard work, patience and a mixture of talent and strategy.

Whether or not, you need additional mullah through affiliate programs or other online marketing efforts, you must plan out the right elements to use so you can establish connections amongst potential customers for your hosting provider.
This blog entry of ours is a compilation of the most useful advices so you can make use of your affiliate links to the best of your advantage! Read on the 4 better ways to be an effective web hosting affiliate.

1. Focus on a particular group

Most web hosting affiliates misconstrue the putting of affiliate links in so many places on their website as an effective mode to get the job done. They seem to be on a hurry of receiving conversions through their innumerable links which in turn give them more clicks.

So to make things right the first thing you need to remember is to concentrate on a particular group of your target audience. By being focused, you will be able to manage your leads. This will allow you gradually increase your referrals who truly want to make a purchase on your website.
affiliate target audience

2. Be confident, think like a Pro

The goal is in this particular business is to generate more sales. Hence, most web hosting affiliates would instantly think that they are more of a sales person than expert.

Don’t get us wrong but there is nothing wrong with being enterprising—only that when it reaches a certain degree nobody likes it already. Too much of being a salesperson means becoming pushy in effect your output will be compromised that it would not stand out from the rest.

With this, you must be an expert. You must do some research first and then search for helpful opportunities. You can begin with your website content. You can create entries of different how tos and solution-based articles for troubleshooting web application, web hosting or a website.
professional affiliate marketing

3. Link affiliate with useful contents

In the affiliate world, “no man is an island.” Hence, you need to establish and connect with as many people as possible. You can do this by linking your site with other useful and related websites as well. This way you are not only establishing connections but likewise you are helping them.

Whether or not you have a blog or website, every affiliate must create a post in one way or the other. Writing posts and entries will help in attracting your target audience and also it becomes a unique asset of your website through social networking like Facebook. The same is true with search engines.

There are even affiliates that take time to make micro sites, which is focused on specific niches for their particular audience.
affiliate contents

4. Make an assessment of your performance

A great number of affiliates are inclined towards generating huge revenues. These affiliates have known the secret which makes their platform a crowd favourite amidst competition. You too can achieve this. These successful web hosting affiliates did not achieve this overnight but through time.

To begin with, they have spent most of their time analyzing how to manage the game. You need to search for that affiliate extensive that is offered by your web hosting provider. An affiliate extensive is a detailed access on referral information that could be your prospect customers. The information will allow you to pick one of those to persuade.
affiliate assessment

30 Jul

A Primer on WordPress Cloud Hosting

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wordpress cloud hosting
Wordpress is a crowd favourite as a unique blogging and CMS platform. It is a global success in terms of web building for it devises easy control options and customization. With WordPress, you do not need to be an expert or guru to be able to create pages. You can simply manoeuvre the post section, add an entry, approve comments and install plugins. The ease and comfort you experience with WordPress is incomparable.

To be at par with innovation, WordPress has recently introduced the concept of Cloud Hosting. Its benefits is applied with VPS, regular shared server as well as dedicated hosting. Once it is “in the cloud” the website will not be hosted by a single server instead it spread on several servers unified as a system. So gone are the days where one machine rely on another’s resources. With cloud hosting, you can simply pull resources from several servers and empower them to scale the website.

The primary benefit of this hosting genus is that it allows you to add as well as remove resources needed, if not needed you only pay the ones used and just go.

WordPress Cloud Hosting simply means that your website enjoys scalability mixed with the benefits of the usual cloud hosting. So to understand this trend, we are giving you this primer on wordpress cloud hosting.

1. Optimized Server by WordPress

The cloud servers are successfully optimized by WordPress but your hosting company has a team of technical experts that knows WordPress very well, so they can address any issue related with server malfunction. Each server is well-tested by running diverse WordPress versions so fixing issues will not be a problem.
wordpress server

2. Trusted Managed Hosting

The solutions offered by WordPress cloud hosting is managed by system and database admins as well as technicians. In other words, WordPress experts will solve any issues or troubleshooting that will arise. These experts know their way around in running a WordPress-based website operated by a cloud server. Among the things these experts are capable of addressing are: updates, plugin issues, backups, monitoring, maintenance, etc.
trusted managed hosting

3. Scalability

WordPress Cloud Hosting offers scalable server resources of certain web requirements. So in the event that your website could not handle the sudden traffic increase, you can simply apply additional resources to it. This is very ideal especially during peak hours.
scalability wordpress

4. Reliability

You might have notice that servers have such tendency to experience crashes but if you are using cloud hosting on your WordPress site, you have backups that will just kick-in and are ready to keep with your website all the time. With cloud hosting, you are increasing reliability while minimizing server downtime.

5. Security

WordPress is a common target among hackers but with cloud hosting on your website, you are offered the following: redundant firewalls, malware scanning, admin access controls, automatic core or plugin updates, custom firewall rules and DDos Protection.

6. Content Delivery Network

CDN or Content Delivery Network is applied for fast and efficient content delivery on your website. This is brought by the impatient need of most users to deliver their contents in the fastest possible way. With this goal in mind, CDN can effectively achieve. A CDN allows a website to replicate in different and multiple locations. So if someone will access your site from the other side of the content, a CDN server will deliver that access request without any hassle.
content delivery network