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24 Nov

The Art of ‘Recycling’ WordPress Contents in 5 Ways

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Can you imagine how your life as an online content writer would be easier if there is an application or simply a way for you to publish your content without the pain of writing it again from scratch?

Would you be happy if we tell you that there is a way to do this? We are not kidding!

Okay, let us start by saying that you can achieve it without paying much for software. We think that you know what it is called—it is republishing.

Republishing is the method of updating old articles in order to be perceived as new. It is the process of updating an old article and publishing it anew. Easy, right? However, did you know that this has been something that most content marketers these days have been doing? In fact, a lot of WordPress marketers have been using it over time.

The thing with this process is that it is not easy task at all, especially if you want to get some leads out of it. For one, republishing entails dedication. Second, it needs you to be full time. Finally, you must exert all effort to master it.

Now in this article, we will be sharing with you five ways so you can start republishing your WordPress contents.

1. Channel the old with the Crowd

When you republish your contents in WordPress, make sure that you choose those which has captivated your audience in the past so that your current audience will experience the exact enjoyment they had upon reading it. With this updated exposure, you will surely generate positive effects.

2. Attract Links and Share

As mentioned, you will get positive effects when you republish content. One of these has an effect on your links since your URL is just the same. With this, you will have a chance to generate links and shares in the social media.

It is a fact that your WordPress contents receive an enormous amount of links after a week that it has been published. Adding to that are the social signals it receive in that same week. Hence, as time goes by, this time will have a dramatic drop. And this is where republishing becomes handy. It will expose your contents to a new audience and initiate another round of link and share generation.

3. Fresh for Google

We bet this is the most important fact you need to know in this article. Google has knack for freshness on particular topics. So, even if your old article published some years ago, when republished will be perceived by google as “fresh” and “new”. Ergo, will make your rankings better and higher!

4. Testing 1, 2, 3

Now after you have known about items 1, 2, 3 of this blog post, do you have some contents in mind? Can you check which among your old popular articles can be republished? Can you pinpoint why it gained such popularity?

At this point, you must test your hunches. How? Try to make a similar headline with that old article of yours—make it a strong one. Now republish it. With this, you will be allowing yourself to test the waters as to whether or not it will give you the audience that supposed to have.

5. Improve when you can

As WordPress writers, you are getting better at what you do over time. As you continue on writing more each day, your posts tend to get better than what you have previously written. Yet, there still might be something to rewrite about it so it can be more appealing. So why not review the old ones and pick a favourite? Then, schedule them to be published and voila you will be giving life to your old contents!

01 Nov

Content Marketing Workflows – Taming Superfluity in 4 Effective Ways

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Have you outgrown your content marketing efforts? Do you think that the activities you have done so far are the exact same thing of all the rest?

Technically, if your assessment is correct, this phenomenon you are experiencing is a series of workflows we have discussed in some of our previous posts in our blog. To refresh your memory, this collection of workflows is, at process level, there are no changes from a blog post to the other then campaign to campaign though it may make a lot of difference. For purposes of this blog entry, let us know first what workflows are.

1. Workflows as Game Changer

Workflows are regarded as this because as you change the way you think about your tasks in content marketing. Hence, you think about it simply as a simple or loose collection then chances are you will have different results and expectancy.
In all respects, workflows are just the usual task sequence where your activity gets completed. The operative word in knowing workflows is that it is a “regular sequence.” In effect, if you have regular sequence, you will have activities where you can train someone to be more efficient and perform the task as if it was you who is working on it.

2. Check out your Workflow blog post

Now can you check the difference between merely following on your blog post and publishing one? In the latter case, you simply sit down, write the blog and then publish. Without the idea of a workflow, the usual process would depend on what mostly you remember; feel or have time to do your tasks.

The usual workflow that is done for your blog post starts with the review of your content research, drafting of your posts, copy editing, blog post optimization, review of past work, writing of content for promotion in social media and publishing of post. After publication, you have to make a link of your previous posts in your current blog entry; share it on your social network and make a review after three days of your analytics.

3. Make Content Workflows for Marketing

Some people who are this stage are usually overwhelmed by the extent and manner of creating workflows as well as the things that you must do. On this note, what are the usual tools that you must use? What are the lists needed for you to do? How long will you be using it?

4. Simple and Essential Steps

You need to remember that your workflows are already inside your head. Hence, you must get them out and make the proper executions. Then from there, follow the checklists. Also, your strategies matter insofar as your strengths and marketing are concerned because as you grow you tend to expand your workflow and alter the decisions about your strategies. It is better of course to start with easy, simple and short workflows so you can consistently perform all of them. Thereafter, you must begin with activities so you can build and perform them frequently. This is true if your business is new. You can create a workflow in a weekly basis until you have all of them for such activities.

20 Oct

7 Ways to Start a Fabulous WordPress Fashion Blog

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Are you thinking of starting your own fashion blog? Do you want to make it big and make it fabulous? Well, this is your lucky day because we will be giving you tips on how you can create both: fabulous fashion blog via WordPress.

In case you have not notice it yet fashion blogs are at the mainstream these days. Of course, as mentioned this is not just all about starting a blog. In the next paragraphs we will show you the procedure on starting any blog niche on WordPress and to ensure that you will only get the leads through it!

1. Starting a (Fashion) Blog takes some Guts

Let’s face it—blogging is a piece of work. And if you are really into it you must know by now how competitively crowded this niche is that you might be sophisticated by the mere sight of it. Well, the same is true with other niches like travel, music and sports. The noise in these areas is all cramped up endlessly!

The good news however is that not all those who are engaged in those niches are 100% successful, 95% are still struggling to the top. And this is why it is a great opportunity for you to stand out and do something great to capture the hearts of audiences who are searching for something smart and different from an outstanding and unique source.

2. Start the Job with a Domain Name and Hosting

If there is one thing that we have learned for the many years in this business is that, if you want to start a WordPress blog do not settle for a free one or those third party websites i.e. Tumblr and Blogspot. Why? Firstly, those platforms simply serve as tools for promotional purposes of your main website or blog. Hence, as a piece of advice, for you should you want to grow fully as a brand and fashion line is to have your own domain name and hosting to start that blog of yours. Most of the successful sites do this.

For your hosting, you can always have the following choices: BlueHost, IX Webhosting, Lunarpages, etc.

3. Know Your Strengths

Before you starting telling people why you are great, your must first know the reason for yourself. Find out the reason why you think you are fabulous. As mentioned earlier, you must really know the real difference of your strength so you can share it with others. There are a lot of blogs out there and until you let them know the reasons you will fail in your purpose. We are certain that you do not want that to happen. So, dig deep with you.

4. Publish Contents that are Significant

Now that you have your blog is all set up… It is now time that you focus on the more serious aspect of it—content management. In this industry, no one will buy your products or get your services if you are selling it with some crappy content. The audience are smart people too and they know whether your post is legit or not. There is more to it than that. For one, blogging is hard work and with that it entails research and at a constant pace at that.

Once your blog is all set up and running don’t just publish lame crap that you type out in five minutes and hit publish because you want to go out and drink lattes. Blogging is hard work. Sometimes I take two or three days to write one blog post. You have to make your brain work really damn hard.

5. Network, Mingle, Connect

Having a lot of friends matter a lot. Or if you are not at that stage yet, making lots of friends would be a great start. Who should you make friends with? To everyone. Make friends with co-bloggers, audiences and strangers whom can help you spread the word about your blog. At this point, it is best that you maintain an enormous line of mailing list as these people from your network will be able to extend their helping hand to you. Of course, it goes without saying that you limit yourself in making connections with people who can help you in your line of business i.e. designers, fashion gurus, stylists. For you to do this, make yourself available—and visible—in major social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.

6. Be Inspired by the Others

Perhaps despite all that has been said here in this post you still can’t visualize the point of your blog. Well, don’t worry because we got it covered for you. Maybe you can get information once you visit top fashion blogs of today. Check them out and learn from them at first sight. Make notes on how they are able to gather their audience and how they make every content as captivating and persuasive as possible.

Google the following: Refinery29, StylelikeU, Anne Street Studio, The Beauty Department, Bryan Boy, The Independent Fashion Bloggers, The Lingerie Addict, and Go Fug Yourself.

7. Free Your Mind

It is advisable that you focus on the dilemmas of your fashion blog so you can come up with incredible contents and features to post as entries but of course it is also recommended that you get some advices from others. Sometimes it is satisfying to draw some brilliance from people you know or from strangers. Hence, feel free to leave your comment here based on this question: what advice can you give in starting a fashion blog via WordPress?

30 Sep

5 Ways in Finding the Balance to your Online Business

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In our previous posts, we have already discussed the essence of website quality as a strategy in SEO. We hope we have helped you in a way or the other insofar as your content marketing endeavours are concerned.

However, while writing this particular entry, something in mind came: the logic of being wrong and right at the same time. It seems to be a constant concept in both life and business. Hence, we pursued to making it into an article, 5 Ways in Finding the Balance to your Online Business.

1. Skip the Shortcuts

Everything is straightforward in the SEO world. But we have to be clear on one point: there are a lot of impressive SEOs today. They are smart and inquisitive professionals who will approach you with their unique strategies that is proven and tested. Some of them would offer to fix your present offsite situation while others would correct the wrongs of your previous provider who was so engrossed with the shortcuts.

In the world of SEO, by the term “shortcuts” mean the practice of purchasing links from unpopular sites doing weak content methods and blackhat practices. It is a silly bull, indeed.

Remember that when you want to optimized your content for SEO, there is no hard or fast rule for it. The key is always the creation of authentic, valuable, relevant and shareable contents equipped with fantastic headlines and captivating images.

2. Skip Other Shortcuts too

You should know that SEO is not the only platform where mistakes thrive. The business realm can truly be helpful but adding some secret ingredients to it does not do the trick—except for the one who offered it to you. Hence, it is believed that for a business to be at par with the times smart outsourcing is the key. Performing the work as efficient and as focused as possible the right things is the best idea.

3. Take it seriously

One of the clever things in online business is the effort you put into it but it is not as cumbersome as what most traditional business is. There is a tendency that you will experimenting and playing around when you engage in online business until the time comes when you have landed on the bulls eye of a bigger audience. Well that is still business if you ask us. You have to invest a lot of seriousness to it. Then again, it is a lot easier to engage in online business from scratch than to weigh yourself to the top from all shortcuts and risks you have made along the way.

4. Find the equilibrium

The more you write, the more you will realize that business is finding peace and balance—finding your equilibrium. And it starts with your work vis-à-vis personal needs; overvaluing for your target against reasonableness. That is why there are no formulas and numbered solutions if you ask us. There are only effective practices, general rules and frameworks as well as starting points.

5. The perfect place is…

Find authority or search for people who are as intelligent and as business minded like you. It is the effective way to attract your target market for you will be able to interact with them as you keep in touch and engage them. You will also find out the right and effective way to sell your brand or product.

27 Sep

5 Ways to Captivate Audience through Crafty WordPress Presentations

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Do you regard yourself as an expert in writing articles and other forms of contents? Are you having problems with writing speeches and other copies? Perhaps the trouble lies in your thoughts of how it is going to be delivered, which produces more effect as soon as the blog has been posted live.

You can always repost it and make the necessary changes in case you will encounter a mistake or should you desire to improve it. The same is not true when you are delivering a speech. Once you have let go of the words you can never take it back. In speeches, what matters most will be your eye contact. And, that’s it.

In this post, we will give you 10 ways to captivate audience through crafty WordPress presentations that is perfect in order to captivate the audience.

1. Write just like in Speeches

Public speaking can be a channel of promotion; change and transformation as to audience mentality—what they feel and do. Your excellent performance can literally save the world. In order for you to do this, you must combine your plan with your ideas and then the perfect framework to feature your content.

2. Focus on that Idea

Your idea should support what you have in store in your speech. Of course, this is the central point you have to make but it is also the statement of your confidence that takes on the position of whatever topic you have in mind.

The reality is that the world would be better if everything you have written became a reality—that is what your promise of conviction. It likewise demonstrates how the world should in this particular kind of thinking.

3. Stay true to what you are

You must understand that you do not need to change in order to make a difference. Your concepts do not need to be novel, original or rooted on certain beliefs and expertise. The same is true in writing your WordPress content. It does not need to effect change. It just needs to be foundation of your performance—it must deliver a promise. However, despite this changing world, your idea must connect with your audience. They should understand what you are talking about.

4. The message and the mediator

You should make something which you think you own the topic. Otherwise, you will create confusion towards your audience/readers. You must be able to discuss your topic openly and explain the same to your audience so that they can be at a wavelength of your impassioned thoughts. Hence, it is important that you develop and assess your ideas. Then you can begin with content framing.

5. Organizing and Framing

Organization of your information entails that you organize what are pleasant to their ears. This is plus for them. It will also help if you have provided the same yourself personally. The better it will be for them to remember both content and structure. Of course, you can do this by making use of certain blueprints that has been used by bestselling authors, notable speech writers, lectures and more.

These frameworks give your audience the idea as well as the underlying theme of tools where if combined and used together will make the perfect masterpiece.

15 Sep

Banking on Email Services – 4 Solid Tips for Mastery

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Building a list for your email connections will allow you to make a solid bonding with your target audience and make enormous sales. Banking on email services is perfect whether you are in the market to advertise and sell products.

But if you have been engaging yourself with email services, you should know by now how it is the best thing to do as an online marketer. So, don’t stop. More than that, the usual feeling to this particular endeavor is overwhelming.

With email services, there are tools which you set up and manage the listings and perhaps you are totally confused. So we are giving you five (5) solid tips in mastering email service.

1. Conquer your confusion with Email Marketing

You must have a lot of questions going inside your head, like what tools to use, how much you need to pay and why do you need email service for your target audience? But the questions do not end there. There is also this question that must have been bothering you like how you start the email listing after signing up or how do you send out messages after that. How about your message in those emails?

Instead of picking an email tool and starting your first email marketing campaign, perhaps you’d rather close your eyes and think about your next vacation.

2. Email Service Providers not only for the Mystics

You may be thinking for the reason why you need such tool so you can send emails to your target audience. You need a tool because the chance that you might encounter a big problem while sending a lot of emails is inevitable. Sending bulk messages entails a lot of trouble especially when done manually. Hence, to avoid issues, interruptions and bankruptcy, it is advised by many smart content marketers that you use an email service provider or ESP to do the job for your prospects. ESP simply represents a company that offers services for bulk email and its marketing. To name a few example of these ESPs are MailChimp, A Weber, FeedBlitz, Constant Contact, iContact and Infusionsoft.

3. Keeping out of Trouble with ESP

Using an ESP will keep you out of trouble—legal trouble. It makes your life simpler and easier because they handle all your day-to-day tasks in the most manageable way. With an ESP, you can manage the entire process both opting in and out. You also ensure that spamming is beside your agenda and provide you with templates which are guaranteed mobile friendly on your devices. ESP handles your mail delivery considerably well and allows your email campaigns to be received by you through detailed reporting.

4. Considerations in selecting EPS

There are certain factors that you must consider when you indulge in this particular endeavor. On top of it all, you must consider your budget. There is a selection of prices for ESPs so you can make a research about it with the amount you are willing to spend. Next is your goal—aim for a big one and not a modest one. Your ESP will absolutely make a difference to your campaigns.

01 Sep

7 Techniques to Maintain Content Authority and Boost Online Influence

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techniques for authority
Your blog or website has been fully launched and operative. You have tons of content written on it. You are happy on how things are going insofar as your leads are concerned. Your audience reach is growing on a steady phase. Things are getting better thanks to the impression you left to your audience that made them stay and appreciate your contents. However, you realized at some point that new ideas are slowing down and enthusiasm towards your contents is cooling down. At this point, you are apprehensive on sustaining your driving force while maintaining authority and audience influence. And, mind you, this one’s a significant concern you must solve ASAP!

1. Solid Reputation

Experts have it that proofs of credibility and authority decreases when you have already established yourself online. Truth is the more people who think that you are legit and trustworthy, the less demandability they give on the contents you share on your website. Solid reputation is the key here. However, for you to keep that extent and degree of influence, you need to adjust your content strategy so you can reflect on new audience expectations.
technique solid reputation

2. Audience Content Assessment

How does your audience find your content? Perhaps you think you already know the answer to this but don’t just ignore it. Dig and open your Google Analytics to see the data. Generally, search engine traffic contributes to your authority. Google is the foremost source for this. But don’t just stop there. Continue your search and you might unfold that there are other factors that contribute to your leverage.

Aside from search engines, social media is an expanding source of your traffic. But do you know which social networking site you excel best? Remember to be sure which of your links are being shared on these platform and those personally shared by your audience.

There is also such thing as branded traffic where traffic is generated from people who directly type your URL. This in particular means that you have persuaded and captured their attention. It is equally important as it allows you to identify certain individuals who like and share your content. Hence, you must focus on them.

Finally, traffic is sourced from other websites that boost your traffic. Such may be from websites where you conduct your guest posting or from that article syndication website. If your traffic is coming from this particular source, you need to generate more topic content of that sort.
technique audience assessment

3. Fix the Old and the Broken

There are a lot of reasons why you must not ignore the old and broken—as well as neglected—pages of your blog or website. For one, updating would keep your content site fresh and new. It enhances user interaction and experience. So what must you do with this particular content? Well, you actually have 4 options to choose from: one, leave it alone; two, redirect; three, delete; and four, improve.
fix broken articles

4. Elaborate on Offering

With this, you can be able to know how your audience are taking action. Of course, this depends on the business development stage you are in. For instance, there are bloggers who at early months did nothing but bank on contents. Thereafter, they publish ebooks and then a mix of newsletters until they offer their first product. By this time, they already have a complex plethora of offerings for their audience.

Perhaps you may not have made such realizations yet on your offerings but you must understand by now what makes your audience engage on your site. Take time on how they interact on your website and how they are using content or product.
technique offerings

5. Fish for comments and questions

What are the most common queries and thoughts that your audience have on your blog or website? Find out what it is through your site’s forum area. Look at the most common among them and track them using an Excel spreadsheet. In this technique you want to know these two basic things: one, confirmation that your prior content presumption was relevant to their problems and two, evidence of assumptions shifted over the problem. With this, you are given the opportunity to foresee the needs and improve new content that continues to develop audience authority.
comment and question fishing

6. Emerging content trends

A futuristic approach towards your contents is a great idea. This is the reason why you have to stay on top of your relevant industry publications and trend keying. Take note of what industry experts has to say on their forecasts and predictions.

As you learn to establish authority on these emerging trends, you too are establishing your authority in the mainstream. What’s more, there is nothing accurate to these as these are based on predictions. The chances of failing it come maybe true or not.
emerging trends

7. Don’t rest on your laurels

Remember that it is a long game after all. You might be please with the results you have today but don’t rest on it. You have not gone this far if it was easy from the start—and you will not go beyond your present status if you will not push harder on your potentials.

28 Aug

Success in Search Engine Marketing – 7 Potential Paths for You

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sem success
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an industry that has been thriving for 15 years and since then has offered solid career potentials for a lot of people. SEM has welcomed a lot of individuals from different fields—not necessarily holders of marketing degrees. In fact, a lot of search engine marketers these days have majored in Journalism, Architecture, Engineering, Law, Film, English, Medicine, etc.

A career in SEM has been shown to be fairly clear career path. Now have you thought about your career direction in this industry? What is your 10-year plan? In this article, we will be listing down 7 potential paths for you to achieve success in search engine marketing.

1. Become a practitioner

The satisfaction of being a SEM practitioner should fit your personality. In order to thrive in this industry, you must already find that sense of contentment with your present career field. These people maybe engaged in different roles and companies from time to time but it is just it. There is only a change in background or scenery but never in the job description. Whether paid or organic SEM optimization, a practitioner continue to be challenge and become more creative so there is no reason to think critical when you are a marketer.
search engine marketing practitioner

2. Become a manager

If you are good at what you do chances are you will standout and be trusted with management. This is a chance to improve your potentials and of course earning a great deal of money. Of course, this comes in two ways: you earn big but the responsibility and expectations are sky-high. Hence, are you the type who gets easily frustrated or are you the type which fit perfectly in handling people and be accountable for them?
search engine marketing manager

3. Be Open. Be Granular.

SEM adapts to the change in time, hence you must expect to move into diverse channels from time to time. There is an increased exposure here which may lead you to explore search other marketers’ style to collaborate with yours. Of course, starting small here is not a problem. In fact, a lot of successful SEMers these days start at that position. What is key is focus on what you do and an open mindset and you will see that you are already a step closer to your dreams.
sem granular

4. Be Interested in Niche Roles

SEM is a billion dollar industry which offers opportunity for those who are not doing any Search Engine Marketing endeavor. Innumerable job niches are available in this particular industry. For instance, you can find career opportunities in search association, industry analysis for financial and research firms, recruiters and human resource, and search conference.
sem niche

5. Start a Company

It is an SEMer’s dream to own their own business. In this particular industry, the sky is the limit. You can dream as big as that or begin small with the goal in mind of starting your own later. Successful SEMers like Rich Stokes and Ajay Pattani has that in mind—look at what they have become!
sem company

6. Join the ‘Other’ Side

You have the option of joining the engine or vendor side because there is essential potential for practitioners in this field. But remember it is not important to have a many years of experience to be successful.
sem other side

7. Leave SEM

You can also think of other career paths to improve your potential. Perhaps this phase is just a stepping stone for you to think of what really matters to you careerwise. You can travel the world and still be happy. It is seldom that you meet people in this industry who curse the discipline of SEM, only that they hate such aspect of long hours, the fairly stable path or the fact that the job is not aligned to what is the acceptable job description. Whatever your decision is, what matters is that you are happy with what you do.
sem other career path

24 Aug

6 Proven Advices for Writer’s Block

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writers block advices
A writer’s block is a common “demon” when you are in a writing-related job. However, behind it is another source that represents such condition that most writers are afraid to admit. And, if not cured (and not realized) eventually, this will keep you from your ideas and creative juices.

We are referring to “fear”.

Fear is that intangible feeling that affects all of us. It is hard to admit but yet fear is especially insidious amongst writers. Online writing is one of the things where you put yourself to someone else’s shoes, and bashers or critics are awaiting your every mistake. But the idea of fear in failing at something is not the only things you fear about as a writer.

1. It’s all in the subconscious

Fear is just in the subconscious and sometimes it manifests in some other form like procrastination and the so-called writer’s block. It is that explanation when we keep on putting off something that we want to write about: a novel, book, blog, research paper article, etc.

In all simplicity, this occurrence is a waste of time and something we would regret in the future. If you let it settle in your system, it is that which holds you from growing as the best. And what’s more, you will be pushing yourself in a different direction and would change the game.

The cure to your problem of fear is simple. DO NOT ALLOW IT FROM STOPPING YOU. So in this blog entry you will be given 6 proven advices to counter writer’s block.
writers block subconscious

2. Failure: The Barrier to Success

Studies have it that fear of failing at something is the topmost reason that prevents you from your success. Fear of failure is generated from certain tasks that you separate yourself from hence your confidence will be at risk whenever you push yourself to do something. Fear of Failure is also Fear of Humiliation and in order to counter this fear, you must start at admitting that you have failed. Then you make yourself realize that you have become better after experiencing such failure. Of course, once you recognize this you are already a step closer to your success.
writers block success

3. Success and its Unexpected Changes

You may not realize this but you also fear success and the underlying perks that go with it. Change. We fear the change that goes with it.

The truth is you are afraid to admit that you do not deserve the success you are getting or that it will bring renewed expectations that you would not be able to exceed or meet. You have this concept of resentfulness or jealousy when the idea of success would overwhelm us. In simple words, the fear comes from within and it is these thoughts which keep us from succeeding.

The cure for you when this happen is to think about this: you harvest the fruits of your labor. Therefore you deserve everything that comes with it.
unexpected changes

4. Rejection: The most overt of all

“Your work is not good enough,” said that invisible voice in your head. Hence, you tend to drown yourself in alcohol (and drugs) to forget the pain of being rejected. The cure however to this is to simply not to anything. That simple but if you would like a fulfilling life filled with possibilities you must remember that cliché: you cannot please everyone but please only those which matters—your audience.

Practice makes perfect as what another saying goes; applying it to writing you must treat is an exercise. Working hard to your goals would help you a lot.
writer's block rejection

5. Mediocrity vis-à-vis Perfectionism

What you do not know is that your attitude towards perfection is that which prevents you from resolving something. With this, you tend to manifest mediocrity with such perfection. We tend to fail at things when you follow this particular approach.

At the end of the day, you must remember that nobody is perfect and that action will beat any inaction at anytime. Also, you must accomplish something than accomplish nothing.

6. Risk: Being Safe than Sorry

All of us have this concept of being in our comfort zone. The same is true in writing. But this will tend to make your dream go with the wind. So being too risky and adventurous at times is contrary to what our nature tells us. As humans, you are designed to think about safety, consistency and familiarity. That is human nature. So, to overcome this, think about: taking risk breeds confidence. And in case of doubt, just jump and take that leap of faith!
safe than sorry

24 Aug

5 Helpful Ways in Conceptualizing Online Content

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online content
Perhaps you may think that writing about the subject would be the start of the entire process. But you should know that starting at on something is not enough.

As an online writer, you both need vision and confidence that will allow you to complete you projects as well as publish and promote them.

To help you on your next content efforts, we have prepared this blog entry so you can: 1. Identify factors that keep you from making that write-up and how to overcome them; 2. Use visual approach so you can organize ideas for your content; 3. write smart solutions to your problems. So here are the 4 helpful ways in conceptualizing online content.

1. Start at something

Most online writers have distinct ways to start their articles. Some write their titles first. Some opt to write the body first and their titles last. Others would like to start by writing their introduction and conclusions and their body being last. What’s yours?

Basically, at one point or another you need to start at something so that once you get hold of the draft you will be driven to have ideas on the subject matter. As you go on with your writing, you be more energized about the topic at hand and that your excitement will turn into more crystallized ideas.
online content something

2. Takeaway your fears

Fear is the only things that is stopping you from becoming great and believe us when we tell you that you can conquer it eventually. Take fear away and you can beautifully express everything right when the subject is given to you.
online content fears

3. Solve the Writer’s Block

It is common among writers, the writer’s block that is. It is that circumstance where everything seems to be wiped out that you cannot make a perfect material out of it. Some experts believe that the struggle you experience with writing because requires the sequencing of events/subjects while everything is all packed into one. This perhaps is the reason why during an episode of writer’s block you only sit down at the white screen then you squeeze your brain for thoughts.

You should remember that writing should be simple and fun and that there is a method that you should master in the process. Such method will help you translate your ideas from what you to what you hear and then transform it on paper or on screen.
online content writers block

4. Take advantage of your geniuses

There is always that inner genius in each one of us. Hence, you could always commit to a week of practicing your writing. This activity produces a unique and extremely helpful benefit. With this, you will know how you can overcome certain phenomenon to take advantage the obstacles of content marketing.
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5. Write with Confidence

We hope that through this post you can be able to save it for the future as a guide or reference. We hope that this will help you transfer ideas on your work so you can have something to share with your readers and audience. Of course, ultimately to the world!
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